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"It’s A Memory ft. Elohim, Mansions on the Moon (Amtrac Remix)” Fred Falke, Pantheon Musique

This is the intro song this chart needs. Maybe not what it wants, but definitely what it needs. Amtrac is Bruce Wayne and this progressive house tribal vocal liberator of a track makes me really appreciate his vigilante music justice. He is tossing out some incredible work as of late and I have no doubt 2016 is going to be a huge year for Amtrac.

“With Her (Chad Valley Remix)” Banofee

The intro Mario “Let Me Love You” vocals by siren Banoffee sets this shimmering bongo laden house remix in a sweet motion and it just keeps getting better from there. Her voice shines so bright and powerfully soft in its uncut times and as an instrumental in its distortions and edits. Chad Valley dances the edge of many genres in this track and it all blends together beautifully.

“Say A Prayer For Me” RUFUS DU SOL

My favorite act of 2016 is without a doubt RUFUS DU SOL. The album they just put out and what I’m hearing from people who have seen them has me insanely freakin’ excited to see them at Coachella in April. Without a doubt a top three act to see. The album is dense and exploring, mature but fresh and vibrantly fun ass dance music. They remind me of a blend of Glass Animals and Classixx in all the best ways. Throw some shapes out on that dancefloor getting down to it if you know what’s good for you.

“Future Soup ft. Patrick Baker” Autograf

We’re gonna keep the energy going with one of those groups I can’t help but want to highlight. The gents of Autograf have done some of their most unique work yet with this hot kickin wonder. Patrick Baker gives it a whole new level of cool soul croon but that uptempo’d beat, bassline and the mighty morphin power ranger synths are what really make your heart want to jump out your chest and fist pump around the room.

“Little Bird (Du Tonc Remix)” Annie Lennox

Nothing like a little Annie Lennox to make you feel like life is gonna bring some great things your way. And nothing like a little chill disco house to light it up even more. Du Tonc does great things, we know this, but a throwback rework like this really upgraded him to the suite level of artists in my book. Its creative in song choice and certainly a challenge, so points there. And a gold star for using it sparingly too so that nobody could even really tell who’s behind those sweet pipes.

“Unravelling (Prod. Arona Mane)” Thandi Phoenix

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Thandi has one of the most gorgeous voices I’ve heard in a long time and a beat like the one Arona Mane lays down is every excuse to celebrate that talent with a pulsing dance party. This is some fresh soulful deep house music that you’ll be burning calories and through your new shoes. Dancing Pineapple gets shouts for continuing to grow their release arsenal stronger and stronger with an eye for the good good that many haven’t heard yet.

“Bad Of Dreams (Win & Woo X Kiso Remix)” Brandyn Burnette

Them boys Win & Woo with company producer Kiso once again make me want to flip my desk and run out into the sunshine. I don’t care if it’s cold, as long as there’s sunshine I’m doing it. The percussion elements are the only tropical esque sounds present proving how just a little splash of that sound goes a long way. It’s a bouncing high energy thumper that will get you amped and charging into the light.

“Never Moved” Tom Misch

Pure instrumental this time around for ol’ young Tom. He makes it sounds like his guitar is flowing over the smooth beat, singing in a language I don’t understand. The comparisons to J Dilla are only half the story with this London musician, his voice and guitar elevate him to a place I think Dill would be envious of and it’s a treat how much incredible music he puts out on a pretty regular basis. His new track “Easy Love” with usual singing partner Carmody shows off his pipes and the kind of range I’m talking about when compared to this tune. DIve deep into his catalogue and you’ll never want to get out, even if you’re super pruney.

“Chimera” Sons Of Maria, Enormous Tunes

This song eats you and you don’t even know it until you realize you’re dancing in the belly of a beast. Sons Of Maria alway deserves praise for their work but this time especially they took us somewhere special with this moonlit music.

“Cat Rider (Poolside Remix)” Little Dragon

Shout out to CRSSD Fest for bringing Poolside back out on the stage. I’ve been craving me some Poolside lately and I’m begging for some new music from them. This is my final please before I have to get desperate. In the meantime we will do a rain dance to their last known remix from yesteryear and send good vibes. They’re just so damn cool. 

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