Weekly Top 10 Drum & Bass Chart - February 17, 2016

The best in Drum and Bass this week featuring Ed Rush, Keeno, Brookes Brothers, Maduk, Rob Sparx, Annix, Mob Tactics, Nymfo, Teddy Killerz and Fourward
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Asked again over the weekend if I'd grown out of my drum and bass phase yet? Phase! Most offensive. Had they grown out of their very long lived d-bag phase, I itched to enquire. I didn't though. As I'm a grown up and emotionally mature 28-year-old lady. Why should anyone be expected to grow out of their deep and passionate (it is!) love for a certain style of music though? Musical discrimination is real. It's wrong and I don't care for it. Don't be a victim like I was - punch a gobby music opinionated twat over today! Rannnnnt!
On to the tunes -

Last chart in the mix....

"Crash" - Annix [Playaz]

What are you doing so deep in the Jungle? - Excellent question Annix - it might be because we are absolutely having it!!! WHOAR!!

"Shark Tank" - Mob Tactics [Viper Recordings]

Two solid offerings from Mob Tactics in recent days but I simply prefer the name of the B-side better in this case. 'Get Dirty' is ticking boxes too though!

"At Twilight" - Keeno [Med School]

Took me a few runs before it began to bed in - now I'm 100% trapped under the covers. Rolling round like a delighted puppy...

"Pitchfork" - Nymfo [Dispatch Recordings]

"Pitchfork" is slightly off kilter but controlled and technical at the same time. Nymfo is due to unleash his four track debut EP Marching Machines at the end of Feb!

"The Storm" - Fourward ft. Linguistics [Shogun Audio]

Take cover! Hurricane incoming.

"Good To Me" - Brookes Brothers ft. Majesty [Viper Recordings]

Pure joyness and light from the Brookes Bros - this is exactly the kind of jam we have come to expect.

"Stay (Maduk Remix)" - Sigma [3beat]

I'm afraid it's delightful. Just bloody delightful. Sigma are playing at Brixton in April as well team - if you're in the mood.

"Archon" - Rob Sparx [NexGen Music]

This dose of low and slow has wormed its way into my heart via the Hospital Records podcast. 

“Taking (Ed Rush Remix)” - Mefjus ft. Zoe Klinck [Critical Music]

Zoe's vocals are the cherry on top of this Ed Rush/Mefjus marry up.

"Time To Waste (Teddy Killerz remix)" Makism & Culprate [Disciple Records]

Teddy Killerz don't muck around - you can tell because they have a 'z' instead of an 's' at the end of their name. Well, that and because of their incredible track record on the remixing duties - no exception here. 

The business in one spot....

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