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Weekly Top 10 Drum & Bass Chart - February 17, 2016

The best in Drum and Bass this week featuring Ed Rush, Keeno, Brookes Brothers, Maduk, Rob Sparx, Annix, Mob Tactics, Nymfo, Teddy Killerz and Fourward

Asked again over the weekend if I'd grown out of my drum and bass phase yet? Phase! Most offensive. Had they grown out of their very long lived d-bag phase, I itched to enquire. I didn't though. As I'm a grown up and emotionally mature 28-year-old lady. Why should anyone be expected to grow out of their deep and passionate (it is!) love for a certain style of music though? Musical discrimination is real. It's wrong and I don't care for it. Don't be a victim like I was - punch a gobby music opinionated twat over today! Rannnnnt!
On to the tunes -

Last chart in the mix....

"Crash" - Annix [Playaz]

What are you doing so deep in the Jungle? - Excellent question Annix - it might be because we are absolutely having it!!! WHOAR!!

"Shark Tank" - Mob Tactics [Viper Recordings]

Two solid offerings from Mob Tactics in recent days but I simply prefer the name of the B-side better in this case. 'Get Dirty' is ticking boxes too though!

"At Twilight" - Keeno [Med School]

Took me a few runs before it began to bed in - now I'm 100% trapped under the covers. Rolling round like a delighted puppy...

"Pitchfork" - Nymfo [Dispatch Recordings]

"Pitchfork" is slightly off kilter but controlled and technical at the same time. Nymfo is due to unleash his four track debut EP Marching Machines at the end of Feb!

"The Storm" - Fourward ft. Linguistics [Shogun Audio]

Take cover! Hurricane incoming.

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"Good To Me" - Brookes Brothers ft. Majesty [Viper Recordings]

Pure joyness and light from the Brookes Bros - this is exactly the kind of jam we have come to expect.

"Stay (Maduk Remix)" - Sigma [3beat]

I'm afraid it's delightful. Just bloody delightful. Sigma are playing at Brixton in April as well team - if you're in the mood.

"Archon" - Rob Sparx [NexGen Music]

This dose of low and slow has wormed its way into my heart via the Hospital Records podcast. 

“Taking (Ed Rush Remix)” - Mefjus ft. Zoe Klinck [Critical Music]

Zoe's vocals are the cherry on top of this Ed Rush/Mefjus marry up.

"Time To Waste (Teddy Killerz remix)" Makism & Culprate [Disciple Records]

Teddy Killerz don't muck around - you can tell because they have a 'z' instead of an 's' at the end of their name. Well, that and because of their incredible track record on the remixing duties - no exception here. 

The business in one spot....

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