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Weekly Top 10 Drum & Bass Chart - February 25, 2016

A diverse selection of the best in Drum and Bass this week

Just heard the new Chase & Status. It sounds Prodigy...ish - good. It sounds like Linkin Park? Down with that. It sounds like drum and bass? Not particularly. And who is that dude bawling gaudily over the top of it all? I am, of course, ever loyal but...a bit lost for words just yet. In the face of squirming indecision and confusion-  choose denial! Let's slam some drum and bass until I come around, usually does the trick.

Last week's business....
Whole playlist at the bottom! 

"Comb" - Fred V & Grafix


Friction premiered on BBC Radio 1xtra

I'm sorry, it has to be a link above, but it's too exciting! It's the first track so just listen to that and then come back. I'll wait here...

"No Place Like Home" - ActRaiser & Tremah [Liquid Tones]

I must be in need of soothing - this tune isn't like my style at all, but there's something oddly comforting in its serenity. Bitching cow cover artwork too.

"A Breath" - Keeno feat. Alice Gasson [Med School]

Continuing on in the same vein as above...I'm not apologizing for it! It's been a hard week and who can resist a bit of Keeno. There's no point even trying as the new album drops tomorrow gang.

"Crusader" - Agressor Bunx [Bad Taste Recordings]

Hold me. Agressor Bunx blasting a bassline so damn heavy it's liquidised my insides. That implies I've lost bowl control and for that, I apologise. But god damn! Pretty artwork too.

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"Arena (Rampage Anthem 2016)"- Murdock & Doctrine [Radar Records]

An anthem composed specifically for the festival of the same name? That's something I can get down with! RAMPAGE is the biggest Drum&Bass and Dubstep party in the world, and is on March 12th in Belgium.  If this tune is any indication of what is to come...

"Break The Mould" - Jigsaw ft. Ziddy Sharma [E-Motion Records]

Nothing I like better than when spontaneity pays off - stumbled upon this tune on a stroll home one night and well - I want the props. You heard it here! Banging debut track which is releasing this Sat.

“Golden (Champion Remix)” - Thomas Hayes ft. Kyler England [Enhanced Music]

Wipe that soppy little smile off your face immediately! We both know it's happening! Never fear friend, we've all been the victim of this pearler. Feel good fappery.

"Doing To Me" - Soulful Nature [NEXGEN Music]

There's a new producer on the block relaxing back on the jazzy side of the block. Soulful by name, soulful by...well, you know.

“Makin’ Hype” - Fracture [Exit Records]


“Beware” - Coppa ft. Gradual [Technique Recordings]

Coppa's gravelly tones dictating the overall devastation of Gradual's sound. That healthy dose of scratching catapults this tune into some next level territory and all. 2016 - the year of Coppa. 

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