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Weekly Top 10 Drum & Bass Chart - February 12, 2016

The absolute best Drum and Bass from the past week
Andy C's Birthday Cake

Andy C's Birthday Cake

Rack 'em up, rack 'em up - the jams that is! It's my birthday this weekend and I'll cry if I want to - but all going well, the crying will be minimal and the Drum and Bass will be maximal!! My birthday is the one time of year I can force people to go jungling with me and this year, I'm opting for the surprise attack...everyone is under the impression they're going to a pub...HA HA HA. They'll like it when they get there I'm sure. 

'Doppelgänger' - S.P.Y [Hospital Records]

Be still my beating heart - the drop and the bass in this are nothing short of pure bangery.

'All Away' - Ed:It ft. Pennygiles [Shogun Audio]

Ed:It is very good looking friends but you didn't hear that from me - I'm all about the music! Thankfully the music is good too else all my credibility be shot down in flames...

'Mermaid Scar (Ulterior Motive)' - High Contrast [Hospital Records]

The Hospitality 2016 album is supreme which is why I am rinsing them to death in the charts...Ulterior Motive pulls back the covers and squeezes into bed with High Contrast here though - how could you not?

'Komodo' - Whiney [Hospital Records]

Top tune from young buck Whiney - really rips some traction as it rolls along!

'Continuous VIP' - Mefjus [Critical Music]

Proper little winder with a deliciously complicated drop that gets better and beastier each time it happens.

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'Musical Rush' - Mikal ft. Break  [Metalheadz]

Bad man Jungle riddims from Mikal - this is some rich and ambient shit.

'Nature of Reality' - Prolix  [Shogun Audio]

Heavy as a sumo wrestler after Christmas dinner at my mum's. Or indeed just me. So quite heavy. Siiggnnniificantly heavy.

'Rinse and Repeat (Rockwell Remix)' - Riton ft. Kah-lo

Pogoing up and down all over this! This is not how I woke up - but it’s how I look now. LOVE.

'Watercolours' - Nu:Logic [Hospital Records]

If you mix half a mug of Nu:Tone with half a cup of Logistics - what do you get? Watercolours apparently - but also, one big fat drum and bass sandwich! Brilliant when excellent things come together.

'Fake' - Bl4ck Owlz [Invisible]

Dunno about that artist name but the drop on this is just all round brilliant for the soul. 

Get it all in ya!

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