Welcome back to the weekly top 10 techno chart! There is just about one week left in February and I hate to be cliché but, “I can’t believe how fast this year is going by!” BPM Festival is long gone, Ultra is around the corner, and before you know it you might just find yourself in that crazy traffic trying to get into Coachella. Now, on to the music selection for this week, I have some great original tracks from Alex Niggemann, Ramon Tapia, Emanuel Satie, Patrick Siech, and more. I couldn’t tell you all of them here or else what would be the point of continuing to read, right? Ok let’s get into this edition of the weekly top 10 techno tracks.

'Bright' – Axel Karakasis [Remain Records Ltd.]

Bright Reflections EP is the latest release from Axel Karakasis on his very own Remain Records Limited imprint. “Bright” is packed with energetic samples, stabs, and risers that will keep your feet moving until dawn.

'Supremacy (Miguel Bastida Remix)' – Vangelis Kostoxenakis [Suara]

The self-described “bipolar music personality,” Vangelis Kostoxenakis, recently dropped his five track Supremacy EP on Suara which includes three original pieces and two remixes. Miguel Bastida has roughed up the original “Supremacy” giving it a raw tech house edge while still highlighting the original bass line.

'Pom Granade' – Ramon Tapia [Incorrect Music]

Ramon Tapia delivers another groove-drenched track as part of his Dust/Pom Granade release on Anthony Attalla’s Incorrect Music label. On “Pom Granade,” Tapia’s expert arrangement of the elements keeps it fresh from start to finish, pushing the energy higher and higher with subtle wobbling pads and a warping vocal sample that will get you addicted to this tune.

'Frozen Room' – Charles Fenckler [Soma]

In the build up to his debut full length album on Soma to be released this year, Charles Fenckler has rung in the New Year by releasing his ferocious track “Frozen Room” along with a remix from Christian Wunsch and another original track “Immersion.” “Frozen Room” is a peak hour techno rave bomb packed with energy just waiting to be unleashed on the dancefloor.

'Come As You Are' – Emanuel Satie [Saved Records]

This is a groovy minimalistic tech house number from Emanuel Satie. This track is a playground of high frequency stabbing blips, squeeks, and vocals on top of slipping syncopated percussion and bass that will hypnotize any audience.

'M277' – Patrick Siech [Parabel]

Viadukt was the first release from the new Swedish label Parabel. It was exclusively on vinyl since June of last year, but now digital DJs and fans can get their hands on it via Beatport with this exclusive digital only track! “M277” is a steady hypnotic techno roller with an infectious bass line that serves as a sturdy backbone for the entire piece.

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'Convection' – Alex Niggemann [Aeon Audio]

Aeon Audio boss, Alex Niggemann, has released his first EP of 2016 titled, Angular. Alex’s goal for this release was to focus on the more soulful and wistful side of techno. “Convection” is a room-filling track packed with dubbed out pads and stabs that are kept aloft by the pounding beat. The cavernous breakdown takes the floor out from under you and builds back up to a full force drop welcoming you back to earth.

'The Noise' – Supernova [Lapsus Music]

The Italian duo, Supernova, have made their way home to Lapsus Music to release their La Rambla EP. “The Noise” is a funky tech house groove with a familiar vocal sample that hooks you in during the breakdown and a great call and response dynamic between the stabbing elements throughout the track. This one will have you getting your shuffle on.

'12407' – Ben Pearce [Moda Black]

Ben Pearce just released his latest EP Pomelo on Moda Black which included two original tracks, a dub mix of the title track, and a remix from Javier Orduna). “12407” is a deep and emotive piece of tech house goodness. Booming and powerful grooving bass provides a sturdy platform for the percussion and melodies to playfully wander through the track.

'The Truth (Metodi Hristov Remix)' – Mat.Joe [Gruuv]

This is a nice and chunky remix from Metodi Hristov that can be found on Berlin duo, Mat.Joe’s, latest The Truth EP. The original “The Truth” has a mellow deep house vibe but Hristov injected some extra energy by beefing up the shuffling percussion and adding the dubbed bubbling melody, making this a great track for those late night sessions.

Thank you all for reading and listening!  Below is the entire playlist for your enjoyment.  See you next week!

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