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Love can make you do crazy things. Like putting a song in a trap chart that’s borderline trap, or...  in the case of Bernie Sanders… run for president without a super PAC. Both pretty much on the same level, I think.  So whether you’re wallowing in your relationship, or in love with yourself this Valentine's weekend, I suggest you follow your heart. It could lead you to something like a Bernie Sanders mashup, a new Feed Me track, or the most gorgeous song of the year. 

Get your weekend ramped up with the full mix at the bottom. 

Anxire - Lonely War

There's not much we know yet about Anxire, aside from the fact that they're "anxious" and create one hell of an opening. Careful not to get crushed.

Nytrix Feat. DEV - Electric Walk (Ookay Remix) 

I sorted through a lot of remixes this weekend that sounded great, but didn't do enough to separate themselves from the original. In this case, the difference is drastic. Ookay throws Nytrix's electrifying original into completely new territory, and it takes to it like Martin Shkreli to slime. 

Max Styler & graves - Fly

Dim Mak's emerging trap star won't be emerging for much longer. This track lifts you up through the clouds before dropping you underground into a pit of grime. It's the kind of ride that can make someone a name overnight. 

Yellow Claw - Bun It Up (AndroBit Remix)

I'm not saying the original was bad by any means - it was pretty intense - it's just that there's things AndroBit does you won't believe. You'll see what I mean in 51 seconds. 

TRVPAID - Fucking Around

If you're a fan of vocal cuts, this just made your weekend. Despite being peppered by an endless clip of the same five words, it's hard to keep from throwing this on a loop. 

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AB The Thief & SCRVP - Jefe

No sense in trying to follow SCRVP's new track. It dips pretty much everywhere. You could be on Mars, at a satanic carnival, in a jungle or anywhere in between really. Saws, vocals, and vats upon vats of oil to deep fry the bass. 

Feed Me & Kaneholler - Trouble

Brand new Feed Me track. Literally released as I was creating this chart. Another big stretch for "trap," but there's not any existing genre this really fits. You might call it Tribal, Wiwekkery or some twist on Big Room. It does play with some noticeable trap if you hang around long enough, but why are we even going on about this? New Feed Me. 

Josh Pan & X&G - Platinum

Skrillex recently called Pan's new 14-minute track a "masterpiece." This is not that track (though you can listen to it here). This is something else entirely. Another hybrid track, it expands trap to the far reaches of what was once misunderstood as the limit of the genre. 

Vincent - Her

Honestly one of the more beautiful songs I've heard. For anyone who thinks trap is shallow, have them listen to this. This is an instant classic. A classic beauty. And something you hold onto. You didn’t think I’d keep the feels completely out of the weekend, did you?

Jameston Thieves & YOOKiE - Trippin 4 U

Ending things on some energy, this atmospheric track off the Freshkimo EP is a crazy mix of smooth atmosphere and sharp glitch. Another gorgeous stunner with one hell of an edge. Ending on a f

Stream the entire top ten as a playlist below:

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