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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart - February 6, 2016

The new weekend Trap playlist. Kazoo Kid goes wild. Diplo beyond your wildest dreams. The party starts NOW.

A whole new playlist for you to go kazoo to. We've broken up the Trap and Bass Chart into their own because, quite honestly, we were looking for a weekend boost.

So this new Trap Chart is music for your those nights out, and the all the days ramping up in between. I’ve tripled filtered it to the fresh, premium, crazy cuts that hit hard.

As they (I) say, if you don’t like the trap, then stand the fuck back. Skip to the full playlist at the bottom for the best listening. Here we go. 

Mike Diva - Kazoo Kid (Extended Trap Remix)

Mike Diva. Heard of him? Probably not since music isn’t his main profession. But who other than a actor/artist could turn the Kazoo Kid into a true monumental trap masterpiece? The track is no joke, even if it is. Bonus: Gather your friends around the trap fire and check out the video. Gesundheit, btw (someone had to say it).

Noisia & Phace - Program (AWE Bootleg)

The world is AWE's matchbox. Dude is absolutely igniting everything lucky enough to cross his path. From Jack Ü to Hermitude to the Nest HQ and far beyond. This is like F5 tornado devastation - tracks torn completely off their foundations. This time Noisia & Phace get scattered. With a slew of other new releases, Awe’s signature sound is one of the most unique in game. Straight unicorn form. Hard to believe how he introduced himself to Annie Mac in 2014.

Yntendo - Down In The DM (Cover)

Maybe one of the better “covers” I’ve heard in a while. It makes for a much better party track than Yo Gotti’s original. It essentially takes the track from 2am cruiser to a 9pm firestarter. 

Brillz feat. Gangsta Boo - Buck (TrollPhace Remix)

The drop on Brillz’ “Buck” not quite buck enough for you? TrollPhace has you covered. This is the drop you were all amped up for. 

Diplo feat. Liz - Set Me Free (Atik Remix)

Atik pushes this one well past what Diplo was probably comfortable with. The original summer party track got pretty rowdy for the mainstream, but... well... you’re not in the mainstream anymore. 

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Jayceeoh & Woogie feat. OJ Da Juiceman - Rap Don't Work

Ahh yes... that nice, pretty, hot, dirty, downright filthy bass. Try to keep yourself from throwing quotes up. 

Valy Mo & Dustycloud - Baguette Vibe (8Er$ Remix)

If there was such a thing as drops being too intense, this would be it. I’ve not heard a track as rowdy as this since Boaz van de Beatz released “99 Lights". Straight wildfire. Go weird: The original's video is not to be missed.

Earsley - Revelation

I’m envisioning a foggy hill. And in the distance, a medieval soldier appears running towards me. Then another and another and another. Soon, it’s a whole army. And this army is led by a woman waving a… wait for it… Rasta flag. Not sure what you’re envisioning... 

NGHTMRE - Burn Out

Time to seemingly slow it down... NGHTMRE’s upcoming EP finally has it’s full lead track. A “long time in the making” no doubt. The layers upon layers of atmosphere don’t so much crush you, they keep you afloat. Let it sink in. Hold on. DL before it’s too late

Ellie Goulding - On My Mind (Larcy Cover, Wildfellaz & Arman Cekin Remix)

Guilty pleasure no longer! This is that Ellie Goulding edge you’ve been lusting after. Similar in a sense to Yellow Claw’s “Shotgun.” Estrogen and testosterone both thrown well into overdrive. 

Stream the entire top ten as a playlist below:

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