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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart - February 19, 2016

6 free downloads including the new josh pan remix. Also see who gets involved with Zedd & Selena. Plus - best track of the year?

Someone on Soundcloud asked for “more cowbell” after hearing one of the tracks in this weekend’s playlist (don't worry, it's legit). Well Dimitri, if you’re out there, this one’s for you. ARE YOU READYYYYYY??$$$??$? ………. 

Seriously though, 7 free downloads this week. This is good news for me as I travel up north to uncharted lands filled with limited cellular service. God knows what I'll find up there. Here's what I've already found. Full playlist at the bottom. 

Yogi feat. Pusha T & Elliphant - 'SIRI (KRNE Remix)'

No messing around. Let’s get right to it. Yogi, Pusha T, Elliphant and KRNE. (Free download)

MEDASIN & X&G feat. josh pan - 'The Zoo'

I half expected a velociraptor to peak out from behind a log at first, grinning and smiling. But then it turned out to just be the josh pan fam. And just wait until the seizure hits at 2:20. Clever girl… (Free download)

SCRVP & Avila feat. Blak Trash - 'Zero Friends'

1) Play song at party.  2) Yell lyrics.  3) Live up to track’s title. (Free download)

Dwyer - 'Bumpin''

Who?!! One of the most memorable trap tracks yet this year. This is a gem waiting to be found. Hard to believe Kean Dwyer doesn’t have a fan page… yet. "I knew him before he had fans, when he only had friends.” Trick is listening to it now so you can say the same. (Free download)

Pretty, Handsome - 'Warren Beatty'

Here’s a hazy one from new duo Pretty, Handsome off their Popgang Records debut Love, Or Something Like It. Lots of dreamy indie vibes with some big surprising splashes of electronic flavor. Definitely a duo to keep an eye on. Also stream “Hands On” and wait for the 3:04 mark

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Snavs feat. Sebastian Lind - 'Into The Wild'

Maybe one of the biggest songs of the year. Many artists are juxtaposing the hard and soft lately, but few, if any, have mastered it as well as Snavs. Besides, that deer is killing it on the album cover. If you haven’t checked out his Botnik remix yet, grab that too. This guy is making Monstercat a true force.

Diplo - 'Revolution (BREVIS Remix)'

Really, any chance I get to mention the Boaz mix of 'Revolution' is worth it. BREVIS is a bit late to the 'Revolution' game, but the remix brings about a new round of change. I’m still stuck on the Boaz mix which will not be beat – ever – but this is good. (Free download)

Zedd & Selena Gomez - 'I Want You To Know (Slushii Remix)'

Is it a love triangle or something more…? Tough to tell since we’re not sure who Slushii is. Either way, they just jumped in bed with Zedd and Selena and it’s a chain reaction. This will bern. *I have no idea if Zedd and Selena Gomez are still dating and I really don’t care. (Free download)

Rusha & Blizza - 'LpK'

Trap, like anything, can get stale pretty fast if people aren’t flipping new sounds. Rusha & Blizza don’t stray too far into the weird, but I’m still on board with a xylophone and cowbell. (Free download)

DownTheAlley - 'DTA'

Not sure if this record is on this list for the album art, Mario Party at 1:55, or just because it’s bound to piss some people off. Going out with a bang and some bit coin. 

Stream the entire top ten as a playlist below:

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