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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart - February 26, 2016

9 free downloads. This weekend's trap playlist is intense. Skrillex, Wiwek, NGHTMRE, Alvin Risk, even Ariana Grande. Ben Carson would be proud. You'll see.

When evaluating artists, one should look at the fruit salad of their life’s work. I’m not making this up. Ben Carson actually said this tonight in the Republican debate. So when I say this is the strongest Trap chart yet, know that I’m holding a salad fork firmly in hand...

It's also super late and I'm running on little sleep, but I'm pretty sure I'm not hallucinating when I say this: Eagles, elephants, Elliphants and God Eaters are all up in this week's trap chart. If that isn’t enough, 9 free downloads too (blame Skrillex for being the outlier as usual). 

If there is anything that will keep you going this weekend, this is it. Full playlist at the bottom. Bon appetit.  

Ben Carson Fruit Salad AJ+

MYLK - 'Let You Go (Brig Remix)'

Why not kick things off with the best remix I've heard this year? Brig's removed the bubble gum, stuck it on the wall and flipped off the world. Heads will turn. 

BOARCROK, Comrade Yüth, Boogie T. - 'God Eater'

Big easy Boarcrok, Comrade Yüth and Boogie T. may not be well known, but it doesn't stop them from clanking away on a beat of solid gold. 

Sweet Teeth - 'Monster'

*TRAP TRACK OF THE WEEK* Sweet Teeth, AKA "In yo mouth," is one to watch. This track is an absolute wrecka. Twisted as hell, anyone who thinks Trap is tired needs to listen to this. There, I've understated it. 

Moksi - 'Joy (The Galaxy Remix)'

The Galaxy puts an interesting spin on this one. Aside from the vocal work, the vibe is completely different than the original.

GRMN - 'Lost In Japan'

Not to be confused with GRMM, you won't find this track swirling around the ocean air. And just wait for the end. The trip is well worth it. Also check out GRMN's remix to Hitclub's 'Historias'.

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NGHTMRE - 'Street (BUSTED By Herobust)'

Herobust asks, "what if NGHTMRE didn't drop 'Street' into twisted wonderland? What if I made it the loudest track of the year?"

Wiwek & Skrillex feat. Elliphant - 'Killa'

We've been waiting a while, but it's finally here. Part of Wiwek's The Free & Rebellious EP, 'Killa' is definitely the stand out. Interestingly, it's this Skrillex track, and not the one with Yellow Claw, that's the wild Trap child of the bunch. 

Ariana Grande - 'One Last Time (Elevated Bootleg)'

Because what's a Trap chart without Ariana Grande? Chicago-based artist Elevated knows how to bring out the best apparently, making the tacky original heavily euphoric but at the same time extremely palatable. Few can execute better than this. 

Majid Jordan - 'Something About You (Alvin Risk Remix)'

Maybe more of a future track, but given where it starts, the transformation is well worth a spot on this list. An unbelievable mix of styles which seem like they belonged together all along. Incredible vocal work. 

Levant - 'Humps'

If one song could sum up the nostalgia of a long lost spring break, this might be it. Gorgeous cover with an edge. Great way to look back on the fruit salads of my life.

Here's the full playlist!

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