With Battle Royale Vol. 1, SMOG Records ushered in a new generation of the Dubstep movement, bringing the distinct sound to the forefront with tracks like 'Yasuo', and 'Flava'. Now Battle Royale Vol 2. is arriving next week and will look to follow suite, breathing new life into the scene with a plethora of hard hitting beats. The new collection features tracks by artists based all around the globe and label head 12th Planet puts it all on display in a new mix, exclusively premiered for you here.

12th Planet had this to say about the new selection: "This mix is a tale of the bloodiest battle on earth. Set somewhere in the Jurassic Age, this audio handbook will guide you through the 2 compilations that we call 'Battle Royale.'"

Lock in to 12th Planet's Battle Royale mix and view the complete tracklist below.

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1. London Nebel, Cosa K - Don't Smile
2. Oolacile - Expansion
3. 12th Planet, Trollphace, Juju - Spilly Talker ft Omar Linx
4. Phiso - Blue Screen (Aweminus remix)
5. Murda, Subtronics - Brain Damage
6. Crowell, Bommer - Yasuo
7. Megalondon, Supreme - Attention
8. Twine, Badklaat - Big Booty Bitches
9. Uber, Subtronics - Squeaky Clean
10. Axel Boy - Time Again
11. Barron, Ponicz - Flava
12. 12th Planet, Soloman - Hustle On
13. Algo - World of Hurt
14. Dubloadz - Crunch Time
15. Deemed, Akira - Destroy All Humans 2014
16. 12th Planet, Getter - Point Click
17. Benzmixer - R28D
18. Oolacile, Uber - Disabled
19. 12th Planet, Lumberjvck - Name Bran
20. Phiso - Jotaro
21. Benzmixer, Subfiltronik - Psycho VIP
22. Benzmixer, Subfiltronik - Psycho
23. Jam PRD, Infekt - Space Modulator
24. BloodThinnerz, Jam PRD - Rampage
25. Haunta, Invictous - 2000EMU
26. SampliFire - Insecure

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