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3 Great Portable Vaporizers For Under $200

If you are looking for a reasonably priced portable vaporizer check out these models
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It's officially festival season again, and that means you will be camping, chilling and vaping the night away. For most festival fans it's not all that practical to bring a bulky vaporizer with you out and about unless you roll with an RV or camper that you can stow your desktop monster inside. 

Most of us are looking for something that's portable, powerful, somewhat inconspicuous and can handle the format of our choice. Here are three Vapes for under $200 that are worth checking out. 

The Revival - Charleston (Silver)

The Revival - Charleston (Silver)

The Revival (Charleston) / Price $59.99

If you are looking for something that is a bit more stylish and stealthy than your average vape pen, you might want to check out the Revival Vape. Don't be fooled by the size of this little gem; it packs a punch for something about the size of a Zippo. The Revival features a powerful 650mAh Li-ion USB rechargeable battery so it will give you a nice hit of vapor and lasts roughly 5-6 hours on a full charge. You can also vape while the unit is charging as it's equipped with pass-through charging technology, this is a huge plus when your battery flops out on you. Good example, if you've been hitting the slopes (and the vape) all day and kill your battery, you can still vape at the cabin!

The Charleston works with prefilled cartridges (oil or concentrate) so if you are looking for something that will vaporize dry herbs this is not your tool. This vape is fantastically simple device, just click the on button three times and when it glows blue, you are ready to pull down some vapor. 

The Revival also features a magnetic adapter ring converts all standard cartridges to a magnetic connection. Just drop in and go! It fits every standard cartridge with 510 threading. Every device comes with the highest quality 1ml HIVE Ceramics cartridge included

V2 Pro Series Stats

V2 Pro Series Stats

V2 Pro Series 7 ($169.99) / V2 Pro Series 3 ($59.99)

The V2 Pro Series is a little more robust in its size and offering and comes in two sizes the Series 7 the latest model and the original Series 3, both are great. 

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The V2 Pro is a fantastic line of vaporizers that brings more functionality and quality to consumers for less coin. The great thing about these vapes is that they work with all formats. The interchangeable cartridges make V2 Pro compatible with three mediums: E-Liquid, Loose Leaf & Wax.

No need to set the temp on your own, the onboard technology identifies the cartridge format and heats it up to the optimal vaporizing temperature. The cartridges are magnetic, so you simply drop into the vaporizer and "click" you are ready to rock. The charger also connects with a magnetic connection to make things simple. The V2 Pro's also work when it's plugged in, just like the Revival. 

The Series 7 

The Series 7 in three colors

The Series 7 in three colors

This one is a bit bigger and the most feature rich of the three we are reviewing. If you are looking for a compact vaporizer that can handle e-liquids, dry herbs and waxes, this is one of the best choices on the market for under $200. It is a step up from the Series 3 with a bigger oven for herbs, longer battery life and different temp settings. 

This thing is the flagship model in the line, and that's reflected in the price tag which is roughly $100 higher. If you are looking for one all-purpose vape that will hit hard, stay charged, is easily concealed and give you some nice options this model is a must. 


Series 3 

The series three is a all about stealth and portability. This model is an excellent "sneak a vape" type of apparatus that is a great ride along for festivals, clubs, snowboarding, etc. It's kind of like a flask, just enough to get you through the day but just barely. 

The Series 3 is built well, easy to ue and like it's big brother handles all three formats well. It's also priced incredibly well and handles dry herbs better than most in its class. It actually might be one of the best we've tested in its price range. 

You sacrifice some of the features on the 7, like battery life, bigger oven and temp controls, but that's not something you would mess with if you are going for quick rips. The pen adjusts the right temp automatically depending on the cartridge, so you don't have to think about much. 

It hits smooth and delivers nice vapor, but you will have to repack it fairly often if you are using dry flowers. The battery lasts for most the day with moderate use.

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