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5 Key Items To Bring To Euphoria Music Festival

Some things you might not have thought of but should have
Euphoria Survival Gear

The essentials, or some of them anyway

Everyone is all crazed up about SXSW and Miami, but don't forget that Euphoria Music Festival in Austin, TX is coming up too - April 7th - 10th. Austin is one of our favorite cities in the country with its insanely great food, cool music scene and laid back attitude. So we are fired up about this one. Check out our list of essentials for this years fest.

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Here are some great items that you might not have thought to bring, especially if you are camping. 

DJ Adaro Headphone by Razer

DJ Adaro Headphone by Razer

1. Headphones - The DJ Adaro Headphones from Razer are super comfortable, bass heavy and great to put on at night (aka early morning) with some chillout tunes. You are going to need some peaceful sounds and these cushy headphones will take you away... at least for a couple hours. 

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2. The hangover aid - Yes, there are many bullshit hangover remedies out there but this one actually works pretty well. We gave it a test run during SXSW with 5 beers and two whiskeys and it definitely made waking up a bit easier. You know you are going to need it, so just bring it. Nothing is worse than being hungover all day at a festival.

go pro hero 4

GoPro Hero 4 Black

3. Capture it - The GoPro Hero 4 Black Edition has been one of our go to cameras for a year now. Nothing captures festivals better and it saves you from draining your phone battery! You are going to want to capture all those epic moments in an epic fashion, plus without a case it slides in your pocket pretty easily.


The extra battery power

4. Extra juice - chances are you are going to be crushing your phone and by mid day the battery will be toast. Yes, it's nerdy but you will be glad you have that extra power in your backpack, fanny pack or purse. 

5. Shoot it - One of our favorite iPhone accessories is the Olloclip. They are small and really bring an extra pop to your iPhonography. They have a variety of lenses that you can grab for a reasonable price and they slide right in your pocket. From fisheye to telephoto to wide angle, you can come away from Euphoria with some great shots. They also work in video mode as well if you don't have the cash for a GoPro - See battery #4, because the camera will drain your phone battery fast!

Have fun at Euphoria Fest, grab your tickets here and send us some pictures! 

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