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7 Cool Things We Found At SXSW Interactive 2016

From micro sized DJ Controllers to Record Label In A Box, we found some innovative stuff

Yeah, I know you are like what's SXSW "Interactive"? For those of you non-industry types which means about 94% of you, there is also a part of SXSW that is focused on Interactive/Tech and Film. I had the opportunity to roam around the interactive portion before the music industry bit kicked off to see what I could find. Below are ten of my favorite things that I discovered in this part of the conference. 

Record Label In A Box

Record Label In A Box

Record Label In A Box [RLIAB] by Ditto is an excellent solution for new artists and music entrepreneurs that want to start up a label but don't know where to start. It provides you with detailed instructions for every phase of creation and even gives you standardized contracts to for every aspect of the business. Keep an eye out for our full interview with the companies founder coming shortly.  

Henge Dock

Clique by Henge Docks

At first glance I though this was just a third party keyboard but on closer inspection realized that it was an actual dock for your wireless keyboard and mouse. The Clique creates more of a seamless look for guys that use the keyboard and trackpad configuration. 


The 360Abyss 

As VR/360 video becomes more and more prominent, it's exciting to see innovation like this in the aftermarket sector. The 360Heros brand creates VR/360 video camera solutions for GoPro users, in that I mean they build cases to mount your GoPro cameras to create a VR/360 camera. The 360Abyss is their underwater version, and it's pretty amazing. So if you are looking to get into the VR game but don't have super pro budgets, this is a great solution.  


Monster's GoDJ 

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At first, I didn't know quite what to make of this thing; it looked like someone had "honey I shrunk the DJ controller" a pair of CDJs into a device that was about the size of two decks of cards. This kit is a bit of a novelty but the fact that they built a full "Barbie Dream House" sized DJ controller with a built-in player, and SD card slot is mind blowing. You just load in some tracks via SD card, connect with your BT speaker and you are ready to go. There were guys fully rocking out on these things with features like looping, filters, etc. There is a new bigger version in the works called the GODJ Plus that is a bit larger has an onboard hard drive and a built-in speaker.



The PicoBrew is a strange device built for craft brew nerds that are looking for fresh tap beer. At first, I thought, is was something to assist home brewers with their hobby of beer making. Like some kind of idiot proof device to make great beer on your own. I was partially right; this is a device that is part brew it yourself and part brewer in a box. The machine takes prepackaged ingredients from partner brewers like Rogue and allows you to brew them at home quickly and efficiently yielding very fresh beer for you and your buddies, 5 liters at a time to be exact. For more partner breweries and info check the site. 


Arq Aero Rhythmtrak

The Arq by Zoom is an advanced all in one device for electronic music artists that want to bring some flash to their shows. The Arq is a drum machine, sampler, synth, sequencer and midi controller all built into one. It includes 468 editable drum sounds, 70 one shot synth sounds, and five digital effects onboard. It can connect wirelessly to your laptop and work with your favorite DAW software. Did I mention it lights up with the beat, yeah... it has its own light show feature built right in too. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 7.00.38 PM.png


The Onyx is a handy device for people that need to talk on the phone a lot to various groups of individuals but wants to be hands free. It's almost, at least, it seems to be, like those only radio style one-way cell phones that worked like walkie talkies. You just pin the Onyx device to your lapel or somewhere you can reach, install the app and boom you are ready to tap and chat. The only catch is that everyone else needs the device as well to communicate with you. 

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