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A Vintage Synth Paradise is Now a Reality

A new Melbourne museum is a workshop with a huge collection of vintage electronic instruments that you can play with.

In the shadow of the Royal Women's Hospital lies a private bunker with enough gear inside to make the most seasoned music nerd blush.

M.E.S.S. otherwise known as the Melbourne Electronic Sound Studio, is a new non-for-profit initiative by sound artists Robin Fox and Byron Scullin. They have come together to create an electronic sound studio they hope will attract newcomers and experts to the world of synthesized sound. 

Fox and Scullin are experienced veterans in sonic manipulations. Fox is known for his inventive, laser-oriented audio-visual work. Scullin lectures and works prominently in sound design and mastering. 

While the personnel may be formidable, M.E.S.S. aims to be an inviting, inclusive space. There is a massive collection of vintage synths, drum machines, and oddball artifacts that Scullin says are most importantly there to celebrate the machines through use. 

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M.E.S.S. hopes to have the instruments played via memberships cost $220 for the year and is, for now, limited to 500 members. Members (and a guest) can book an instrument online and come into M.E.S.S. to use it for a four-hour session at the cost of $44. A maximum of 16 members are allowed in at any one time. There are also workshops planned for the future aimed for both novices and veterans of sound design. 

“So many people nowadays make electronic music on their laptops at home,” says Scullin. “But the thing about making music that way is there’s often not a lot of cross-pollination that happens organically. Get a bunch of people in a room like this and it’s a bit like bumping into people at the record store. We’re excited to see what collaborations and partnerships might come out of it.”

Dowling Place, off Wrecklyn Street, North Melbourne
(03) 9329 7177

[via: Broad Sheet]

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