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Brooklyn's Finest Shares Acid Techno and Beyond for International Women's Week

Brooklyn local producer Remove-Hyphen, aka Tanja, is a leading woman in the underground community. She studied music abroad and eventually returned to her hometown where she found a finite amount of women producers/DJs. Always a strong advocate for more female involvement in the music industry, today she shares her favorite tracks from female producers/DJs alike. 


Though the dance music industry has a surplus of male involvement, it doesn’t diminish the spectacular women who are key contributors to the evolution of the form, women who may just be exhausted by this conversation on gender and just want to continue being celebrated for their creations. Women are historically underrepresented in many industries but there is enormous growth happening. My selections are focused on productions alone, not DJing and cover from more established names to those with great, undiscovered talent. These are some of my favorite tracks, from electronica to atmospheric techno.

Listen to our premiere of Remove-Hyphen's recent EP here.

Kate Simko & Tebo Howard - 'Exotica Exhibition'

Virginia - 'Never Underestimate'

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