Andrew Grant Strikes Again with Heartbreaking Single, 'Gravity'

Inspired by a troubling relationship, Andrew Grant crafts his newest single

Andrew Grant is a relatively new artist on the scene and has been off to a very strong start with his electronic project. In just the last couple months he dropped two polished singles that were equally diverse and appealing. After hearing those tracks and seeing their great reception, it got me thinking Andrew Grant has some real creative steam behind him. 

 The LA-based producer is now back with his third single, 'Gravity'. Different elements from pop, experimental and classic-EDM all come together to reveal a unique track with some mysterious, dark sounds. Here's how Andrew Grant describes the inspirations behind the new track: 

“In general, relationships fail for various reasons. For me it is usually timing or the past getting in the way of the present. Nonetheless, I realized I was stuck in a catch 22 situation where either staying in the relationship or leaving it was going to bring a tremendous level of unavoidable heartache and this song is a reflection of being acutely aware of that inescapable reality." –Andrew Grant

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Listen to the new track and be sure to grab the free download below.

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