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Andy Stott Announces Grime Inspired Fourth Album, Shares Lead Single 'Butterflies'

Something fresh from Andy Stott that focuses on a futuristic motif while drawing inspiration from the past.
Andy Stott

Andy Stott readies his fourth album titled Too Many Voices, a follow-up to 2014’s Faith in Strangers. Recorded over the past 18 months, the new material features a diverse spectrum of influences with 9 alluring productions, a cohesive collection that also allows each individual track to stand out.

Drawing on inspiration from early Japanese pop by Yellow Magic Orchestra as well as Triton-fuelled Grime, made 25 years later, Too Many Voices presents us with an oddly aligned vision of the future. A forward thinking motif matched with artificial, strange and immaculate productions that are full of possibilities.

Andy Stott's forthcoming album is far from the normal electronic music landscape, which makes it that much more attractive. Listen to the lead single titled 'Butterflies' and look for the album to drop April 22 via Modern Love.

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