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Next up in our International Women's Week series of playlists is brought to you by East Coast locals, Ant LaRock of Nervous Records and DJ sudo of Dusk Till Done. 

Ant LaRock was featured on Magnetic Mag as a rising talent to look out for in the realm of house music. Working closely with Todd Terry and releasing tracks under Nervous Records, Ant has the talent and ear to bring the hottest tracks to the dancefloor this year. Speaking of house music, the genre's soul comes from many things, but would fall flat without the amazing female producers and vocalists in its history. This is Ant LaRock's take on the best tracks via female artists. 


These women cut deep. Looking through the faces of the Bass and Tech scenes lately, these standout artists have been taking the driver seats. I was able to experience LOUISAHHH!!! on NYE 2016 and she instantly struck me with her alluring brood and force. Intensity is the common variable amongst all of these women. The instant favorite; 'Feels Like' by T.E.E.D. X Anna Lunoe has been in almost all of my sets since its release. Gender aside, the talent of these artists speaks for themselves.

Lauren Lane- 'Diary of a Madwoman' [Edible]

J Phlip & Huxley- 'Salvia' [No Ideas Original]

Gina Turner & Tony Quattro- 'After Hours' [Nervous Records]

Hannah Wants - 'Just' [Toolroom]

Nocturnal Sunshine - 'Intergalactic' [I/AM/ME]

Cooly G & DVA - 'Ol Dirty' [Hyperdub]

LOUISAHHH!!! - 'Ego' [Bromance Records]

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Totally Enormous Extince Dinosaurs X Anna Lunoe- 'Feels Like' [Nice Age]

Following that up is none other than DJ sudo, a DJ/Promoter representing Boston with roots stemming from NYC. Not unfamiliar with the Brooklyn dance scene, he has been one of the major contributors to the New England nightlife with Dusk Till Done. Strapped with a strong knowledge of dance music history and an immense love of quality tracks, he can spin any party and set the mood to an infectious groove. Here is his take on female producers!


Like many kids who watched too much public television, I suspect that the first electronic music I ever heard was by a woman - Delia Derbyshire. Women are all over the early history of electronic music, usually as technological innovators, composers, producers, and performers rolled into one. But today we’ve reached this place where barely 10% of working DJ / producers are women, which is intolerable. It’s not enough to gripe about this - if you’re a man and a feminist working in this industry you have a responsibility to help mentor women who are just getting started, and if you’re throwing parties it's necessary to ensure that the people behind the decks reflect the people dancing in front of them. Why should you expect half the people who show up to your party to be women if you’re not also including female performers? Women aren’t your party decorations, they need to be included as equal participants.

Ellen Alien - 'Down' [BPitch Control]

Dinky - 'Planes' [Ostgut Ton]

Cassy - 'Magnificent Cat Wont Do' [Perlon]

La Fleur - 'Flowerhead' [Whatpeopleplay]

Akiko Kiyama - 'The Sunset' [Eminor Records]

DJ Sprinkles - 'Klinsfrar Melode' [Creme Organization]

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