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Entire Band Dies in Car Crash, Police Say it May Have Been Deliberate

A bizarre car crash resulted in the death of an entire band and their manager
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On February 13th, all four members of the British band Viola Beach and their manager were driving in Sweden when their car suddenly drove off a bridge, killing everyone that was inside.

The Guardian is now reporting that Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet obtained footage of the incident where the band’s car is stopped at a barrier due to a raised bridge. Then their Nissan Qashqai suddenly accelerated, crashed into the barrier and plummeted almost 100 feet into the water below.

Investigating officer Lars Berglund points out that the barrier's warning lights were not obstructed and there was nothing wrong with the rented Nissan.

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“We can’t find any secondary explanation,” said Berglund. “It looked like the driver acted deliberately.”

Viola Beach band members Kris Leonard, River Reeves, Tomas Lowe, Jack Dakin along with their manager Craig Tarry had just played a music festival and were driving back to their hotel. We are not aware of who was driving the car, but police say there was no trace of alcohol or drugs found in the drivers blood.

Aftonbladet were also able to speak to a witness who says the Nissan's driver drove past him like "a maniac," just narrowly missing his car.

“All I heard then inside the car was a muffled bang. It was hard to understand what had happened, it was all so surreal,” is how the witness described the scene.

[via: FACT]

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