It is fast becoming common knowledge that Bassnectar fans tend to be overly aggressive when it comes to staking out their spot at a concert. Recently, video has surfaced that depicts just exactly how rough and physical it can get. 

You might remember last summer when the accusations regarding Bassnectar fans started to get more attention. At Electric Forest, Bassnectar's loyal following camped out front row during a set by the String Cheese Incident, the band that is the staple of the festival. Campers took it too far when they even started booing Cheese while they were playing and sitting at the front while other patrons were dancing around them during the set. This of course was not an isolated incident. It happened again at Camp Bisco while the festival's main band, The Disco Biscuits, were performing as well. Standing motionless at the front and refusing to let Biscuits fans through.

New video has surfaced of Bassnectar fans at Okeechobee Festival in Florida, taking it a step further and actually getting physical with other attendees. In the video fans can be seen kicking, shoving and grabbing hats from others who are trying to get to the front. Although we might not be surprised by this after knowing the history, it's also important to note that Bassnectar's message is one filled with promoting love and community, something those at the front row clearly don't understand.

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Bassnectar is well aware of his fans' unruly behavior and has even addressed the situation publicly in the past. He's always been one to send a positive message to his fans in hope that they follow suite. Sadly, there will always be a few bad apples and it's time that the nectar community help put an end to this kind of behavior.


[via: Your EDM]

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