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Cash Cash Say They Were Assaulted by Members of Tyga's Team [Photos]

Cash Cash share details of an altercation that took place over the weekend, involving Tyga and members of his team
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Cash Cash and Tyga were in the middle of an altercation that took place over the weekend at the Inception at Sea festival/cruise. Just moments before Cash Cash were due to perform, members of Tyga's team assaulted them, seriously injuring Jean Paul Makhlouf and forcing the group to cancel their set. 

They took to Twitter to bring the situation to light and have now released a statement detailing what exactly went down. 

According to Cash Cash, Tyga's set time was pushed back, which overlapped with their set time. When the group approached the stage to take over, member's of Tyga's team assaulted Makhlouf, resulting in a concussion, injured kidney and various bruises. They shared photos of the injuries on Twitter and you can read their official statement from Billboard below.

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Early Saturday morning members of Tyga’s touring crew physically assaulted Cash Cash during an altercation backstage at Inception at Sea cruise festival. Members affected include Samuel Frisch, and Jean Paul Makhlouf. Jean Paul Makhlouf suffered a concussion, injured kidney, alongside bruises to his head and body following the scuffle. One member of Tyga’s touring crew hit Jean Paul Makhlouf of Cash Cash in the face following a verbal altercation when Tyga’s crew refused to leave the stage after the promoter called Cash Cash to start their already delayed set. [Tyga had postponed his 12:30-1am set to 1:45-2:35am overlapping with the set time of Cash Cash on the same stage.] A Tyga crew member was then filmed kicking Jean Paul in the ribs, while another Tyga crew member slammed him to the ground, punching and kicking his head and body while on top of him. Samuel Frisch was also shoved during the scene. Cash Cash was unable to perform their set and Makhlouf was also forced to miss their following show to recover from the incident.

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