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Chicago legend Roy Davis Jr. has cancelled all gigs in April due to being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

The dance music pioneer explained in a post on his Facebook page that he underwent numerous medical tests last week after waking up at his home in Chicago and not being able to walk. The diagnosis came as a huge shock and he is still processing how he will deal with it moving forward.

“I will be spending the next few weeks in and out of hospital getting back to walking with the help of my incredible doctors and various medications, I will then spend the following weeks at home recovering, not touring and with any luck going into remission. My April shows have either been rescheduled or sadly cancelled.

“I hope for as long as I physically can I will continue to play music to you all as much and as regularly as possible, and continue to give you the music that lets us break free from the shackles of life’s pain, bring us all closer together and sparks our souls,” he declared.

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As an early purveyor of the House music sound that blossomed in Chicago during the 1980s, Davis helped grow and progress the genre. He spent some time with the production group Phuture and also worked closely with the iconic Strictly Rhythm label. Tracks like 'Gabriel', 'All I Do', 'Watch Them Come' are some of our personal favorites and we hope he can find a way to overcome this obstacle and continue to showcase his talents.

Davis remains optimistic saying, "This will not be my end, God willing I will play on, I may touring a little less or with a little less intensity than before, but when I can, when my body allows me to, I will give you my all and we will make sure the upcoming shows are special and we carry on dancing."

[Roy Davis Jr. photo by Sean Delahay]

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