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Daft Punk's Remix Of "I Gotta Try You Girl" Is Getting A Record Store Day Release

In Celebration of Record Store Day, Daft Punk's unreleased remix of Junior Kimbrough's song will release just 3,000 copies.

Daft Punk's unreleased remix of Junior Kimbrough's 'I Gotta Try You Girl' is getting a limited vinyl release (3,000 copies) for next month's Record Store Day.

The Daft Punk edit came to prominence in 2013 when the French duo soundtracked Saint Laurent's spring and summer collection, with Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo editing Kimbrough's track into 15 minutes of moving blues. 

The edit is very different than the electronic based music that the duo is known for, but it is still just as great. 

Record Store Day takes place on April 16th. Learn more here:

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