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DARKSIDE's Dave Harrington Set to Release Debut Album, Listen to Title Track 'Become Alive'

For his debut album, Harrington produced an experimental collection of tracks focusing on improvisation
Dave Harrington Group

Dave Harrington Group

Exposing the brilliant range of possibilities with electronic music, Dave Harrington is set to release his first solo album as the Dave Harrington Group titled Become Alive. Most will be familiar with Harrington's collaboration with Nicolas Jaar, DARKSIDE, but this next musical venture is something we have yet to hear from the accomplished artist.

"Ultimately, this album is very personal," Harrington remarks. "This is my first LP with my name on it. It’s me and a dozen of my favorite musicians and closest friends. That was the spirit of making this record… Bringing people together and playing, improvising, being present.”

For Become Alive, Harrington tapped into his inspiration from classic jazz albums produced during the late 60s and early 70s, focusing on experimentation with contemporary studio recording techniques and effects. With an assembly of a dozen musicians, he recorded a series of improvised material, later manipulating the music into his own unique productions. Although it sounds fundamentally live, the finished product also emits the preference for electronic manipulation, revealing Harrington’s unorthodox musical make-up.

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“It’s all just about making improvisational music in a way that is personal and true,” says Harrington when talking about his specific influences. “Derek Bailey is one name I will mention, though, because he has very little to do with what I do stylistically. He really wrote the book on free improvisation guitar playing - it was not jazz, not swing and not rock, it was just pure personality. Nobody else could do it. That’s something I hear in the records that most inspire me – when you don’t hear something and think, oh, well that’s this thing, when you just hear the ideas coming straight at you.”

Become Alive is set to be released on April 18th via Other People. Listen to the debut single below.

Be sure to check out a collection of free downloads that Harrington shared over the holidays and we'll have more new music coming from this project in the near future.

Dave Harrington Group – Become Alive

1.White Heat
2. Slides
3. The Prophet
4. Cities of the Red Night
5. Steels
6.Become Alive
7. Spectrum
8. All I Can Do

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