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Dévotion: Creating An Immersive Likeminded Community Guided by Dance Music

Brooklyn very much needed a collective like Dévotion to take root and the community is responding with high praise

Earlier in January, I had the remarkable chance to finally attend a Dévotion party. For their one year anniversary, the collective presented their Elysian Dreams event with DJ T, YokoO and Hoj headlining. That ethereal line up was hosted at House of Yes in Brooklyn and was one of their most anticipated events to date. 


To me the event marked a lot of new discoveries. For one, House of Yes is a remarkable venue. They present an aesthetic that brilliantly matches the parties they host. Filled with a vibrant element of gothic structure blended with vaudeville performers, the place definitely held a clandestine feeling. 

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Another discovery was the remarkable combination of the crowd and musical performance. DJ T at the decks is exceptional on his own, but when he's playing to a crowd of individuals donned in carnival-like threads, something deeper occurs. The event becomes an experience that leaves an imprint on every single attendee and connects us all. Devotion does not only produce events, they bring together a community of like minded individuals, which is the key to success for any underground party. 


Elysian Dreams happened the night of the winter storm Jonas. When every other promoter in town decided to postpone their events, Dévotion pushed on and delivered one for the history books. You walked into House of Yes and once it was time to leave, all of Brooklyn was submerged under a soft layer of fresh white snow. A sight as pure and celestial as the party itself. Did I mention that everyone was rewarded by a surprise b2b set with Hoj and Lee Burridge? You just can't beat that.

If you want to not just hear the music, but truly experience it, then I highly suggest attending a Dévotion party. Check out their events on Facebook to stay connected. 


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