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Chicago's own DJ Pierre is an absolute legend who gained extensive knowledge of dance music through years and years of experience in the scene. From the early days of House, pioneering the Acid genre and leading the charge in today's culture, he recognizes the changing of times, but does what he can to pay homage to those who work hardest in the industry. 

As it's International Women's Week, we tapped DJ Pierre to curate a playlist consisting of female producers who are at the top of their game. It's necessary to understand that in dance music, gender doesn't matter. This vibe was built on the search for freedom from an oppressive society. True heads don't care what's in between the legs of a producer, if it's quality music, we'll dance to it.

On that note, get ready to move to these outstanding tracks produced by DJ Pierre's most inspiring female producers.

Nicole Moudaber - 'Own'

Some hot Techno with soul! Has the spirit of Detroit running all through it.

Magda - 'Trailerfork'

First of all I love me some Techno & that's what she is, the more gritty & grimy the better.

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Ralph & Louie - 'What?' (Thayana Valle Remix) 

This is one sweet remix and one thing that separates good producers from great producers are the ones who can raise the level of an already great production and make it unforgettable.

The Black Madonna - 'Alright This Morning' 

This right here is some good production work. To me one of her best, House music Chicago style, House Music my style!

DJ Lady D - 'All Night Long'

Now this is some bangin Tech House right here, some straight up Green Velvet meets The DJ Lady D. BOOM!

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