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DJs Take The Rorschach Inkblot Test and Reveal Surprising Results

See what happens when Armin Van Buuren, Yellow Claw, Martin Garrix and more take the test
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Armin Van Buuren (photo by Patrick Savalle)

Armin Van Buuren (photo by Patrick Savalle)

During Miami Music Week, the iHeartRadio crew took over The Music Lounge at The W for a special showcase with major players in the EDM scene. While many were there to talk about the music industry, iHeartRadio Brand Ambassador Brian Fink took this opportunity to put forth an interesting experiment. 

The Rorschach inkblot test is a psychological study used to understand an individual's personality characteristics. When implemented with leading EDM artists, we get some surprising results, which could explain why they are at the top of their field. A few artists saw the same thing, which is normal for the test, but others saw things like The Millenium Falcon, a skeleton, an orgy and one even thought they saw deadmau5. Check out the results below: 

Inkblot #1


R3hab - Batman
Yellow Claw - A fox
3lau - A bat
Steve Aoki - A bat
Audien - Some sort of animal...wait...Louis Vuitton.
Sultan - iHeartRadio
Shepard - ...What? No, I see a marvel superhero.
Gareth Emery - A bat
Afrojack - Butterfly. An ugly ass butterfly. With 3 wings.
Armin van Buuren - Millennium Falcon
NERVO - Liv: Butterfly, Mim: Or a caterpillar

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R3hab - A Samurai head
Yellow Claw - A motorcycle and biker
3lau - Shrek
Steve Aoki - A mouse...Deadmau5?
Audien - Boots
Sultan + Shepard - Dude on a motorbike
Afrojack - Guy from Final Fantasy
Armin - The Hulk
NERVO - Mim: The hulk, Liv: I was gonna say a Dorito
Martin Garrix - Looks like shoe


R3hab - Butterfly
Yellow Claw - Frogs
3lau - Butterfly
Steve Aoki - A moth
Audien - Butterfly
Shepard - Mosquitoes or yellow jackets
Gareth Emery - Peaceful butterflies on the beach, swimming into the sea.
Afrojack - Two bumblebees
Armin - Spring butterflies
NERVO - Mim: Ants or bees
Martin Garrix - A butterfly


R3hab - A wasp
Yellow Claw - Butterfly
3lau - Skeleton
Steve Aoki - A girl with huge, massive breasts and no legs. Just big boobs.
Audien - A butterfly wanting a hug
Shepard - Giant dragonfly
Gareth Emery - A black hole sucking everything from extra terrestrial space into it.
Afrojack - Something by Takashi Murakami
Armin - That's my wife when she's upset
NERVO - Liv: Star Wars, Mim: Darth Vader
Martin Garrix - Also looks like a butterfly


R3hab - A suit and tie
Yellow Claw - African women playing the drums
3lau - A fox
Steve Aoki - Some sort of orgy
Audien - A girl wearing a bikini, with a bowtie and her belly button piercing
Sultan - A fox
Shepard - Naaaah...that's like a duck with a reflection.
Gareth Emery - CVNT5
Afrojack - Two guitars, two women facing eachother, a little bowtie, and bar stools
Armin - Two women cooking together
NERVO - Liv: Babies, like an ultra sound, Mim: That reminds me of Gnarls Barkley's video
Martin Garrix - Two people sitting at a table

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