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Earl Sweatshirt Launches DJ Career as Earl Fletcher on Boiler Room in LA

Skate shop serves as the perfect setting for Earl Sweatshirt to make his transition into Earl Fletcher
Earl Sweatshirt (photo by Incase)

Earl Sweatshirt (photo by Incase)

Earl Sweatshirt. Arguably the most talented lyricist in the Odd Future collective has taken on a new venture, DJing. 

At a Boiler Room event in Los Angeles, Earl took to the 1’s and 2’s under his DJ moniker Earl Fletcher. I’m not sure how much experience Earl has behind the decks, but it’s nice to see an artist play the music they they truly enjoy. Earl drops a lot of soulful gems, while also mixing in some classic Wayne and Jadakiss. 

For the most part it’s a really chill show. The venue they decided to use was Trash Talk’s Babylon Skate shop, complete with people skating the bowl, drinking and just hanging out. 

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If you’re a fan of Earl, I definitely suggest watching the video below. His music selection is on point and it’s refreshing to see someone like Earl use a different artistic outlet to express himself.

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