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Enter To Win This Iconic Minimoog Model D

The Bob Moog Foundation is offering up a raffle to win the coveted 1974 Minimoog Model D, worth upwards of $4,000 today.

The Minimoog Model D, built in 1974, is one of the most sought after analog synthesizers around. The instrument being offered by a raffle has later generation oscillators, as was standard during its manufacturing period, making it more stable than other predecessors.


The raffle tickets are selling for $20 and all proceeds are going towards Dr. Bob's SoundSchool, which teaches children about the science of sound, and the historical preservation project protecting and preserving the vast materials in the Bob Moog Foundation Archives. 

This eccentric instrument sells for upwards of $4,000 today on Ebay so this may be your best chance! Learn more and enter the raffle here.

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