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Exclusive Interview: Dyro Shares What The Future Holds

Dyro just released his newest EP and it's an epic display of how he's grown as an artist

Some of you may know Dyro as the EDM producer that was part of Hardwell's crew along with Dannic a few years back. He was on numerous tours and released huge anthems like 'Never Say Goodbye' in collaboration with Hardwell, but has since grown to be a a chart topping artist in his own right. A few years in, he changed up his vibe and launched 'WOLV', his label that showcases the evolution of dance music by featuring music that transcends genres. With his newest EP being released earlier this week, we wanted to touch base and see what he's been cooking up. 

You just released this 4 track Set Me Free EP, how does it differ from your music that you’ve released in the past?

  • I had kind of a lucky and unlucky start in music. When I started my breakthrough I was 18 or 19 and my taste was still developing and I was just making different stuff. I got picked up by the Hardwell crew for a while I just stayed in that vibe. Then my tastes developed and I moved on, so I started my own label and have been growing from there.

What made you decide to release an EP instead of work towards an album?

  • I like EPs because you can put songs that people expect on there, but also have songs that you just made for fun or just for yourself but also want to show people. It’s different than a single release. EPs have so much freedom. This year is going to be focuses on doing more EPs like that, more open format things.

The EP ranges in tempos, how is the open format being received live?

  • I’ve had a very good reception with open format. At first it was a transition from the fans that were more Hardwell fans, but not it’s going really well. It’s also a lot more fun and interesting to be playing a lot of different songs instead of playing at the same tempo the entire time.

How was it working with Dutch rap outfit Dope D.O.D.?

  • That track was probably the most fun to make on the EP. I’ve been aware of them and their music for a very long time, and I’ve listened to it a lot. I made the song on a lazy Sunday and didn’t plan on putting it on the EP, but instead just through the label. I was talking with my girlfriend and had told her that I kind of wanted someone like Dope D.O.D. on it and randomly a few days later the label told me that they had Dope D.O.D. for the song. It worked out really well. 

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Who are your biggest influences or favorite producers at the moment?

  • I get a lot of inspiration out of drum and bass right now. Guys like Noisia, Spor, Kill the Noise, Knife Party and Skrillex are really talented. 

What can we expect to be coming for the future of the WOLV label?

  • We are focusing more on building talent and fostering their careers. We just signed our first act Goja. It's these two Italian guys who will be releasing an EP soon. We are really focused on good music instead of doing things like other labels where they release a few tracks a week, we really want to take our time and put out the best songs possible. Also I'm working on a collab with Milo & Otis so be on the lookout for that. 

What advice would you have for new artists today?

Just focus on doing something different than the rest of the people out there. Demos that are a rip off of what's doing well on beatport at the moment aren't going to help you get noticed. Just be original. 

What do you like to do for fun outside of the music sphere?

  • Just hanging out with friends. My hobby is making music, so when I have free time that’s really what I like to do. Also, most friend are in music industry so a lot of my life focuses around music. Family is also another huge one. 

Check out Dyro's new EP here.

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