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Ministry of Sound's foundations are about to be well and truly tested as dubstep Don, Flux Pavilion, goes in to give their Dolby Atmos surround sound system a clobbering. Hospital Records led the audio uprising last month but now the initiation period is very much over and Josh Steele's bass slobbering alter-ego is stepping in to properly up the ante. 

Flux Pavilion

It's hard hats at the ready this Easter Sunday! I know I personally won't feel that I've lived until I've experienced 'Bass Cannon' melt my entire network of internal organs during a religious holiday. So! Ahead of that glorious occasion, Magnetic grabbed a chance to chat to the man himself about audio renegades, the fact that he's er...actually British and his secret devotion to DnB. Yes son!

Get yourself excited (hands in the air please!) with this little preview....

Yo Flux! When did Ministry first come to you with the Dolby idea and what peaked your this the future of clubbing?

​We have been talking for a while, they showed it to me in LA a few years ago and I’ve been itching to do something with it since. It's like the next step in terms of live sound, and it sounds amazing! 

London Elektricity from Hospital Records spent weeks remastering specifically for the Dolby system launch - have you been undergoing a similar process with your tunes?

​Yep! Been mixing all my tracks at the Dolby Studio's in London. It’s crazy being in there, listening to my music - as soon as I go back to normal speakers it sounds so flat!​ 

What are you most looking forward to doing with the new technology on the new system?

​Well, my thing has always been to try and put on a show that's as immersive as possible. ​The idea being that standing on the dance floor is the most important place to be- not the stage. This is like the next level of that. The people on the dance floor are literally standing inside of the song while ​all the elements are coming from different directions and making you a part of it.

You've spent a lot of time sharing your sound in the US - would you say you enjoy the US or UK more in terms of musical environment and atmosphere?

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I love the UK and I think the environment here was really important in​ ​turning Flux Pavilion into what it is today. The UK is always pushing and always itching for something new - which promotes audio renegades and producers - those who look outside of the system to find what's golden. ​

Do you feel you’re perceived differently in the UK to the US, for example, are the crowds at your gigs completely different?

​The US is louder and the UK are drunker, but everyone dances the same. ​ 


You’ve just performed at Hangar in the Circus vs RAM throwdown for Miami Music Week...

​It was a killer night, NGHTMRE came out and did a B2B with me because we're ​about to put a song out together and it was brutal. Trying to find a recording of the night so I can post it up!

What is your general opinion of drum and bass? It’s pretty closely associated with dubstep and bass music but you don’t seem to have dabbled - is it of interest or not your thing?

Well my approach to Dubstep was always slowed down Drum and Bass; as a conceptual thing, not literally. I'd probably consider myself a Drum and Bass fan over any other type of dance music, even Dubstep! I haven't dabbled, yet. ​ 

Are you straight into festival season now or in the studio some more? Be great to hear what you’re working on!

​It's always festival season somewhere in the world! If you were expecting me to release some Dubstep this year, you won’t be disappointed​!

Cheers Josh, very much looking forward to not being disappointed!!

The full Circus Records lineup this weekend boasts Doctor P, Dr Meaker, Diskord and Cookie Monsta going b2b with Funtcase. 

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