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Fool's Gold ushers in the spring season with Night Shift, an 18 track compilation featuring cutting edge dance music from the label's latest signings and loudest family members. Since launching back in 2007, the Brooklyn indie founded by DJs A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs has pushed hybrid sounds to the forefront of dance music culture. But Night Shift is the sound of a brand-new essence coming into the fold, heavier than ever. 

A-Trak and Ookay's bass anthem 'Only One' leads the charge with it's wonky beats and melodic builds. Following suite is Athletixx's experimental anthem "PNTHR," along with remixes of Tommy Trash and Alvin Risk by upstarts KRNE, GEOTHEORY and Madeaux. A solid collection of rap vocals from Atlanta, house beats from London and extraterrestrial synth riffs, Night Shift features all four corners of the Fool's Gold sound and then some.

Fool's Gold celebrates the new release early with showcases during SXSW, March 17, and Miami Music Week, March 19, featuring artists from the compilation and many more.

Night Shift is set to be released April 1st via Fool's Gold Records. Listen to compilation below.

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1. A-Trak & Ookay - "Only One"
2. Alvin Risk - "Beastmode" (feat. Hodgy Beats) [UZ Remix]
3. Nick Hook - "I Jus' Want" (feat. 21 Savage & Bulletproof Dolphin)
4. Tommy Trash - "Me & U" (feat. Anna Lunoe) [Big Dope P & TT The Artist Remix]
5. ManMan Savage - "Takin Shots" (GLD Remix)
6. Athletixx - "PNTHR"
7. Gladiator - "Fairfax" (Gladiator Remix)
8. BOSCO & Speakerfoxxx - "Acting Up"
9. Rome Fortune - "Dance" (Felon Remix)
10. Nick Catchdubs - "Typo"
11. KRNE - "I'll Be Good"
12. Brenmar - "Raid"
13. Madeaux - "What U Need" (feat. River Accorsi & Cassandra Kay) [LH4L Remix]
14. Shash'U - "APEX"
15. Sluggers - "Nostromo"
16. GEOTHEORY - "Hyper"
17. Sammy Bananas - "BLO"
18. Jesse & The Wolf - "Glow In the Dark"


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