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The Forces of Funk Collide in Florida with Lettuce & GRiZ Jamming Together Live

Lettuce will bring their full band together to collaborate with GRiZ live for a one of kind, never before seen performance.
GRiZ live in Brooklyn

GRiZ performing his Chasing The Golden Hour live set in Brooklyn

Best known for his electro-soul tracks that take over the full spectrum, from heavy bass drops to funky J-Dilla-esque beats, GRiZ has been hustling the music game for years now, developing a respectable reputation for pioneering 21st century funk. Combine his powers with fellow purveyors of new school funk, Lettuce, and you have yourself a one of kind experience that is sure to turn heads.

'Jesus' Coomes, Adam Deitch, Adam Smirnoff

Left to Right: 'Jesus' Coomes, Adam Deitch, Adam Smirnoff

Thanks to Lettuce, Live For Live Music, and Purple Hat Productions, a groundbreaking performance is set to take place this weekend at Fool's Paradise in St. Augustine, Florida...and it's going to be like nothing we have ever seen before.

Eric Benny Bloom and Ryan Zoidis

Eric Benny Bloom & Ryan Zoidis on the horns

Lettuce easily has some of the most skilled musicians on their roster. To list the band members' individual accolades and accomplishments would take a while... Long story short the band consists of musicians from all over the country who have held down gigs at Madison Square Garden, dabble in a plethora of genres with their own unique side projects, have collaborated with Pretty Light's Live Band, plus one member who was a studio bassist for Kanye West... Not too shabby eh?

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Neal Evans Lettuce Organ Player & Alien

Neal Evans on the keys and extra-terrestrial control system

This weekend the two funky forces will come together for a unique live show and it will be interesting to see what setlist they produce. GRiZ has combined talents with his pals in the past, but having him play side by side with some of the best in the game is going to be remarkable. To get an idea of how this new venture will come together, check out this live take of 'The Anthem' filmed in Venice Beach by Mixed Media.

Tickets are still available on the Fool's Paradise website, plus we'll be on floor taking more awesome black and white film shots of the group. See you there!

All above photographs shot by Will Benrubi.


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