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It’s no secret that Ben Hall and Simon James, a.k.a Delta Heavy, have squatting rights in the large section of my heart marked DnB Headquarters. Therefore the launch of Paradise Lost, their debut LP, is a big fat hairy deal. It's been five years coming so if you're not slobbering in anticipation, I would suggest (with respect) that it's about time you get a-quivering!


Pre-teasing with tracks like 'Ghost' and 'Tremors', Delta Heavy have been gearing us with snippets of the goods for a while now and after sampling the album in full, we are pleased to report that Paradise Lost is no slouch. What you have here today folks, is the final piece of the puzzle before the album drops. Today, we bring you, the premiere of the paranoia-inducing paralyser that is - 'Fun House'.

Like I've said before, they don't call 'em Delta soft and soppy. Probably because that's a mouthful. But mostly, because they produce urging, clawing, driving fistfuls of DnB deliverance. Yes sir. The universal appeal of Delta Heavy has the album's tour zip lining from the UK, to the USA, Australia, New Zealand and Europe right through until the depths of August. 

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Enter the 'Fun House' from the 4th of this month before getting lost in the bass paradise of a full 14 tracks come March 18th via RAM Records.

Pre-order: 'Paradise Lost' 
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