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Gear Review: ROLI's Revolutionary Seaboard Rise MIDI

We get our hands on their Seaboard Rise 25 and take it for a test drive

Music Production is an ever evolving ecosystem with creatures, or brands as we call them, constantly creating, growing, and mutating into newer and better equipped versions of themselves. Sometimes things work out, and sometimes they don’t. There needs to be the perfect balance of innovation, usability, and above all, enjoyment of use. Many times when a brand is fresh on the market, pushing forward into the innovative unknown can be a scary, and even a death sentence. Fortunately, some brands just get everything right. 

Meet ROLI, a UK controller, instrument, and software company, focused on pushing the boundaries of music production capabilities. The company's approach is one many have taken, but none have come close to yielding such positive results. ROLI's seemingly simple looking keyboard, possesses near-limitless possibilities. The scary part about ROLI is that it's still a very young brand, and have already created something that is truly game changing. Without further ado, meet the Seaboard Rise:

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