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We all know the feeling; you've just had an epic weekend at Ultra, Beyond Wonderland, a warehouse party or wherever you were, and now it's Monday and you have to go back to the "real-world," but you feel empty. Post-Rave Depression is real because your endorphins and serotonin levels have been depleted, so you can feel pretty down. In order to help get back to equilibrium, here are some easy things to keep in mind.

Relive The Glory:

  • Although this may seem counterproductive, nostalgia has a massive effect on happiness and re-watching live streams, listening to the sets and looking at pictures can help you relive the experience you had this weekend. This will help cheer you up after feeling depleted.

Go On A Hike:

  • The beauty and serenity of nature can be euphoric, and after experiencing such an epic weekend it can be great to just immerse yourself in it. Physical exercise also releases endorphins which will brighten up your day, not to mention you will feel great and accomplished for getting out of the house and exercising. Also, getting out in the sun is the best source for Vitamin D, which will make you feel recharged.

Hang Out With Friends:

  • When you wake up the next morning after a long night out, your first instinct may be to lock the door and not leave your room for 24 hours. This can be counterproductive. It's important to surround yourself with good people. This can work to cheer you up in pretty much any situation, but enjoying someone else's company is a good way to decompress. If you were all there at the party, then you all feel the same way afterwards and that collective effervescence can serve to bring everyone back to their normal cheerful selves. 

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Watch A Good Movie:

  • You can either host a movie night at your house or go see a movie in theaters, but just sitting back, relaxing, and watching a good movie will take your mind on an adventure that can be perfect for you right now. Focusing on something other than how bad you feel is absolutely necessary.

Do Something Creative:

  • Take your amazing experiences this weekend and use them as inspiration. Whether it be building something, drawing or making music, doing anything creative after a big weekend can help show yourself how inspired you get just by living your life to the fullest. If you're not the creative type, you'll be surprised about what will come out with just a little effort after a crazy weekend. Write a story, draw some pictures, paint, write a song, do anything you want to just express yourself. 

Grab Sushi or Ramen:

  • This is a personal favorite for decompression. Good food that's easy to eat and usually goes great with a beer, just one, can be perfect. These are also places you can go with your best friend and just relax and eat, while laughing about the shenanigans of the weekend. Having a light meal that's also filling is crucial.

So while you're stuck back at work feeling groggy, just remember, afterwards there are so many things you can do to feel like your amazing self again. Just give one or more of these a try and bounce back from the post rave blues!

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