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Premiere: Gui Boratto & Renato Ratier - Tesla / Driver [Kompakt]

Kompakt staple Gui Boratto teams up with Renato Ratier on the forthcoming Speicher release

Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, Gui Boratto and Renato Ratier have become household names in the realm of House and Techno. They have been steadily supplying us with dance floor ready grooves for well over a decade and continue to push the scene to new heights. By transmitting their minimalistic and captivating sonic output, the pair of producers have reached worldwide success individually. Now they come together on a new collaboration that follows suite with their artistic expansion.

Delivering a pair of progressive Techno tracks that possess an ethereal motif, Gui Boratto and Renato Ratier land their recent collaborative work on Kompakt. We had the chance to chat with Gui about his musical background, the new collaboration as well as his future plans. Listen to the new music and read our interview below.


When did you realize that dance music was a passion you could turn into a profession?

In my case, it was in 1988 when I first discovered M.A.R.R.S. with C.J. Mackintosh, after listening to “Pump Up The Volume”. That time I was already really into techno-pop bands like Depeche Mode, especially the album Black Celebration, plus my other favorite bands consisted of Sisters Of Mercy and New Order. I got my first sequencer in 1989, which was a Roland MC-500. That was the time I started to program things with my DX-7 and CZ-3000.

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How did you approach writing the new music we are premiering today? 

It came with a piece of Renato’s idea. Renato asked me to do a remix, but I had changed the original so much that we decided to sign it together as Gui Boratto and Renato Ratier.

What about this collaboration brings out the best in your production style?

I think this collab brought out the more dance floor oriented vain inside of me. 

How do you aim to deliver new and exciting material while also staying true to your distinct sound profile?

I love this kind of exercise in the studio. Actually, music has the power to lead to something it needs. TESLA already started with the “guitar-synth” arp idea and needed more energetic beats. I thought the music that I wanted to produce also needed real drum elements, especially real hi-hats. So I bought Gretsch drums to record the hats and some snares, rim shots and cymbals myself. Loved the final result.

What else do you have planned for 2016? 

Speaking of studio time, Im very busy working on the main Olympic Games music theme. Also working on my new album and the new Elekfantz album, to be both release in 2017. I have a lot of work ahead. Also lots of tours scheduled. US next and Europe afterwards. I also have a big European tour for the summer, from June to September, playing in lots of clubs and Festivals.

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