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Headstone Blends Huge Cinematic Sounds With Club Beats On His 'No Passouts' EP

Hans Zimmer hits the club on Headstone's release via Shifty Rhythms

Thanks to artists like Trippy Turtle and Hoodboi, jersey club has become synonymous with cutesie R&B club remixes. Most people are unaware of the darker, more aggressive styles of club music that producers like Headstone are pushing. 

His first Shifty Rhythms release is an unrelenting barrage of club-focused beats with cinematic choirs and brass sections worthy of the silver screen. "Roll Out" and "Thug" both lean more on the hip-hop end of the spectrum, but the strong cinematic feel is still prominent throughout. Seeing as this is only his first official label release, there's no telling what's next for this talented producer from down under. 

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