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How I Spent A Whole 24 Hours At Get Lost Miami

Find out how a whole 24 hours went down at the 11th edition of Get Lost Miami

Karli Evans

When we all make our annual trip down to Miami every March for Miami Music Week, there's normally that one big party we most look forward to. If you're new to the scene, you're probably anticipating that big festival we won't name or some other big pool party somewhere in South Beach. But if you're like me and your musical ear has been tuned towards the deeper and more evolved sounds of the electronic genre, then the event you likely favor is not in South Beach and it's definitely not an event with a main stage headlined by those you could hear by flipping on the radio. The particular event that I speak of which catches my attention each and every year is Damian Lazarus' annual 24 hour soiree, aptly named Get Lost!

Given my attendance in prior years, this was going to be extra special for me. Reason being was I had every intention of completing a full 24 hours at the event. This didn't mean that I was going to run back to my hotel and get a quick nap half way through the day, it didn't mean that I would go and take a nap in the designated sleeping quarters there either. This meant that I was going to fully immerse myself in 24 hours of raving, and practically "Get Lost."

In anticipation of my 24 hour musical marathon at the virgin venue known as Little River Studios, my party revelers and I eagerly left the comfy area of South Beach to head about eight miles northwest to Little Haiti where the event was taking place. Arriving at about ten minutes before opening time, which was 5:00 AM, we immediately found our place in line with dance music fans of all walks of like, including old school Sasha & Digweed fans, new school burner types, and of course music industry journalists like myself who were there ready to document the madness that was about to go down. However, it was very unlikely that anyone there was ready to take on the task of a full 24 hours at Get Lost like myself. 

Karli Evans

Karli Evans

Sasha Opens Get Lost With 120 Minutes of Brilliance

Within minutes, you could hear the ambient sound of ethereal electronic music float through the air. At that moment it was apparent that Sasha had begun his two hour opening session. Minutes later, my queue luckily moved faster than the one to the right of me and before I knew it, I was standing in an orange lit semi foggy warehouse space that was hung ornately with oversized dreamcatcher-esque ornaments.



The rumors began to swirl around that alcohol would not be served until 7am but this wasn't a bother to anyone given the current soundtrack as Sasha pumped out an edgy set of melodic tech-house which featured Koze's brilliant "XTC" and a couple of unreleased gems as well. Such as an unknown remix of "Pontiac" taken from his latest full length album along with another unknown possibly titled "Where Are You Now" which closed out the demigod's brilliant opening set.  


Both The Sun & The Freaks Came Out

With the bar opening and the sun coming out shortly thereafter, the delightfully odd after-hours vibes started to kick in. The funny blokes became goofy, the quiet ones became innocently creepy, and the normal folk simply went home. However, yours truly was just getting warmed up and I planned on extending the high that Sasha had graced me with. 

So without any disrespect towards the house music legend David Morales who followed up Sasha, I needed to find another way to extend the vibes besides staying outdoors and discussing how truly amazing his set was, so I found a pathway towards a small, dark, smoke-filled room and low and behold California's own DAVI was laying down a refined sound that was both minimal and very Arabesque. His own signature tracks such as "Eclipse", "Illusion", & "The Gates Of Babylon" complemented the 90 minute set which led us out of the early morning. 

Without a doubt, both Sasha & DAVI owned the morning soundtrack to Get Lost.  



In the hopes of getting at least some Vitamin D in the form of morning daylight, I escaped the dark cave dubbed The Studio and found my way to the newly opened area called Santorini which was opened up courtesy of a live set from California duo, Dance Spirit.

The Afternoon Looms

As the humid afternoon kicked in and the sun started beating down, I sought refuge back inside the main indoor area of The Nest and found comfort in the darkness as Citizenn spun an unusually heavy techno set while random characters circled the dance-floor aimlessly to achieve results I would rather not know.

Following Citizenn would be none other than Laura Jones who spun an acid inspired tech house set that achieved similar results as to Citizenn yet producing more hypnotic results. All in all, everyone was finally a bit lost in the best possible way.

The Rain Dance

As I yearned for some much needed air, I ventured outside into the wild and found solace under a large tree adorned with pink orchids just beside the outdoor main stage of The Keys. For the time being, Jonas Rathsman was the sound selector for the early afternoon Get Lost revelers who found their groove surrounding the outdoor area either under the petite cottages or nestled beneath the large tree to which I found my comfort. 

The day became muggier and the clouds grew darker and so did follow a heavy downpour. Many retreated as the music continued, but some decided to stick around and found shelter while we were all handed large umbrellas by the gracious Crosstown Rebels staff. Within minutes, we were all raving in the rain under our own umbrellas. Could this party get any better? 

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Blond:ish Steals The Show

Even though I had found comfort in the outdoors it was time for me to retreat indoors once again thanks to one my favorite DJ duos around, Blond:ish. The female duo is responsible for one of my greatest Robot Heart memories of all time so it was only right that I return to The Studio for their late afternoon two hour set.

Given the fact that no one sleeps in Miami, most of the DJ sets seemed to have lacked any sort of crowd connection but the ladies had no trouble at all connecting and interacting with the crowd, not only a musical level but a playful one as well. With the utilization of a Roland Handsonic drum pad, they literally drummed their way up from a low tempo tribal house rhythm until they hit a much beefier house vibe that rocked the small room harder than anyone could have expected. At this point, Blond:ish had exceeded all expectations and they played not only the best but the most engaging set of the entire first half of Get Lost! 

Jamie Principle In The Flesh!

By 530pm, Get Lost was in full swing which meant that everyone was there and the main stage was humming while Felix Da Housecat kicked off the proceedings. In addition, he brought a very special guest, Jamie Principle who along with Frankie Knuckles is in fact responsible for one of house music's biggest tunes ever, "Your Love". As a treat for the Get Lost revelers, he performed a special vocal rendition of the classic! The moment was sentimental to say the least and Felix was nearly brought to tears. It was definitely a beautiful moment in time.  


Here & Now

Seth Troxler & Carl Craig Dominate The Main Stage

As Felix Da Housecat wrapped a solid yet emotional set, Seth Troxler was up next and he brought his A-game as he spun a seamless set of raw underground house music that packed serious punch. The funniest man in house music knows how to rock with best.


Karli Evans

Carl Craig grabbed the baton next and brought the drama as he knows how to do best, hammering strongly through house and techno alike!


Karli Evans

The Founding Father Of Techno

One of the final additions to the Get Lost lineup was none other than one of the founding fathers of techno, "Magic" Juan Atkins so it was a no-brainer that I head into The Nest for his rousing set of no-nonsense techno that not only kept everyone on their feet but never let us down either.

Two Guys From Venezuela

Following up the legendary artist was a duo who we all know as Fur Coat. The guys are from Venezuela and they have been causing quite a stir in dance music especially on Damian Lazarus' own Crosstown Rebels imprint. However, what the guys had in store for us was something else altogether. For two solid hours, the duo threw down a set of unreleased music that most electronic music fans would drool over. It was low-slung, sexy techno and as the set progressed, the music became more intense, gritty, and melodic. By the 90 minute mark, I already declared to my friends (that weren't there) via text, "this is the best mother-f***ing set I have seen in the past two years, period!!!" 

For Coat had indeed provided the best DJ set over the entire course of 24 hours of Get Lost. 


Fur Coat


With THE most amazing set I had heard all week just passing, there was hardly anyone more suitable to follow the South American duo's set but Denmark's own Kolsch who was more than ready to fill those shoes as he put together a 90 minute set of stomping melodic techno, featuring a highlight of his own catalogue "DerDieDas." Kolsch not only kept the Fur Coat crowd but also the vibes as well. 


Here & Now

The Final Hours

With the main stage now closed and just a few hours left in my 24 hour festival marathon, I reveled throughout the mega party and simply reflected on what the day had meant to me and everyone else. To call the event simply a party would be nearly a disservice. Get Lost is a 24 hour marathon of ultra high quality music spread across multiple stages meant to be enjoyed with your closest of friends that share that same sentiment. To put it plainly, the 24 hour event is a place for music lovers to simply Get Lost! 


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