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How Jim Morrison Predicted EDM in 1969

"There's somebody out there, working in a basement, just inventing a whole new musical form"

In his final interview with Rolling Stone, Jim Morrison foresaw the rise of a music scene driven by artists making electronics-based dance music. 

Before he passed, The Doors frontman held a series of interviews with Rolling Stone's Jerry Hopkins over the course of a week in 1969. In these interviews, Morrison predicted the rise of electronic dance music. He spoke on how Mozart was a lone prodigy at a very young age and, "that's probably what's going to happen: some brilliant kid will come along and be popular. I can see a lone artist with a lot of tapes and electrical... like an extension of the Moog synthesizer - a keyboard with the complexity and richness of a whole orchestra, y'know? There's somebody out there, working in a basement, just inventing a whole new music form."

To have the foresight to accurately predict the coming of electronic music, which has now made its way into every form of popular culture, is just astonishing. Here is a 25 year old man, addicted to drugs and alcohol, that's touring the world as one of the most famous musicians, and can still see that the future of music lies in the hands of the few, with electronic instruments that contain the power and sounds of entire orchestras. 

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With this prediction we can truly see that electronic music is the future, and still remains to be the future with the "bubble" far from bursting. Today the culture is only evolving and growing, branching out into even more sub-genres and only time will tell what the future holds. 

The three remaining members of The Doors have since collaborated with one of the most innovative artists in electronic music, Skrillex, on the song "Breakin' a Sweat." Talk about coming full circle; Skrillex wasn't even born until 19 years after this interview. To read more, visit Rolling Stone.

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