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How Producing Techno Helped Alleviate Anxiety for an Ex Traffic Controller

An ex traffic controller suffering from anxiety found a new form of therapy while producing the rhythmic patterns of Techno
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There are many ways for sound to be therapeutic. You've probably heard of meditation music before, which usually consists of ambient tones or recordings of noise found in nature, like rain, wind or the ocean. Techno on the other hand might not be something that comes to mind as a go-to source for alleviating stress, but that's not to say it shouldn't be. To bring this unlikely treatment to our attention, an ex traffic controller from Canada has documented the healing powers of producing the repetitive and hypnotic rhythms.

Robert Wilson was a traffic controller in Canada for 19 years, until he thought he suffered a heart attack. This was in actuality an anxiety attack, which resulted in Wilson not being able to go work. He was forced to stay at home and look after his children, leading him to feel a sense of resentment for those around him.

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In order to free his mind from the constant bombardment of anxiety, Wilson began producing Techno. It's not necessarily what the doctor ordered, but due to his love for mathematics he was able to connect with the rhythmic patterns. The resulting emotional release he experienced from producing music is something he could never have imagined. As he remarks, “There was actually a few times some of the tracks I have created myself when I was done I burst into tears cause I was so emotional.”

Music is a powerful thing and it's healing powers are well documented. Music therapy is a practice that's picking up steam in the medical world and Wilson knows first hand how it can affect those dealing with mental turmoil. Whether it's the music itself or the act of creating from scratch, Techno has given Wilson a new outlook on life and that's something we can't ignore.

You can watch him perform a 20 minute set in the video below, featuring his own unique style of Techno that is both remarkable and refreshing. Next time someone tells you that Techno can't possibly help you relax, tell them to open their mind to a world of possibilities. Just like Wilson did.

[via: Ask Audio]

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