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How To 'Finish Something' with Om-Unit, Floating Points, MJ Cole

Talented producers share how they approach the final stages of the creative process

Producing music is definitely no easy task, but finishing a track may very well be the most difficult part. How do you know it's actually finished? What else can you do to make it better? These questions are on the minds of producers every time they go through the final stages of the production process and it's not always easy to know when to step back and declare a track as "finished."

Novation, the company behind electronic music gear like the Launchpad, tapped a select group of talented producers to get insight into what it's like when a track is done. Is the track ever really finished? Some artists have differing opinions on this. Floating Points says a track is finished when it finally gets released. Om Unit sometimes works on a track for years before it gets released, saying "I've got stuff I'm putting out that's like 10 years old."

Watch the video below to see how the industry's leading producers go through the production process, giving us an inside look at how they put the finishing touches on their music.

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