Hudson Mohawke has announced that he has "absolutely no personal issue" with Kanye West after publicly threatening to leak unreleased beats he produced for Kanye and Drake

Yesterday we reported that Hudson Mohawke was beefing with the rappers, saying the two artists owed him money for beats he produced. HudMo threatened to upload a collection of unreleased tracks because he was fed up with not getting paid. Now he's taken to social media once again to clarify the situation.

To give everyone a better understanding of how the music industry works, HudMo expressed that his frustration was not directed at the right people. He has now turned his attention on their lawyers rather than the artists, saying he's owed $250k.

“This is no shots at Kanye it’s shots at lawyers who weren’t in the room on their side. Myself and Ye have absolutely no personal issue,” he posted.

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Read Hudson Mohawke's tweets below.

(via FACT)

(via FACT)

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