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Jack Ü to Premiere New Music at Coachella

Expect a bunch of new material to come flying in, just in time for Coachella
Jack U: Diplo & Skrillex

Jack Ü: Diplo & Skrillex

Coachella is widely known as "the" preeminent music festival that has the power to turn an artist into a living legend. The Daft Punk set in 2007 launched the robotic duo into superstardom and countless others followed their footsteps, gaining credibility through amazing sets and captivating the massive crowd that gathers there each year.. 

Having already become one of, if not the, world's premiere DJ group, Jack Ü, consisting of Skrillex and Diplo, plan on taking Coachella by storm this year for both weekends, April 15th and 22nd. In a recent interview with Charlie Rose, Diplo unveiled that he has plans to release new music just in time for the iconic music festival. "Before I came down to you," Diplo explains. "I was sitting on my computer editing some new songs for the Jack Ü project, because we want to put something out around Coachella." 

This gives the hint that it won't only be one song, but we can expect to hear a few new future anthems in Indio California next month. Watch the interview between Diplo and Charlie Rose below: 

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