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Kanye West Allowed Bootleg Merch to Be Sold at The Life Of Pablo Pop-up Shop

Fans waited in line for hours to get their hands on The Life Of Pablo merch, even though it may have been a knockoff?
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Kanye West (photo by Rodrigo Ferrari)

Kanye West (photo by Rodrigo Ferrari)

Kanye West surprised fans with a pop-up shop in NYC over the weekend, which prompted his followers to flock to the location in hopes of getting their hands on something unique.

Many were under the impression that most of the gear was "one of one" and the high price tags backed up that claim. But like most popular fashion items, there will always be competition from bootleggers and The Life of Pablo pop-up shop actually encouraged it.

According to The Source, Virgil Abloh and Heron Preston, two Kanye collaborators, allowed for bootleg merchandise to be sold in the shop. 

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The bootleg merch was made by Austin Butts and Jonah Levine, a pair of designers behind Asspizza and Gomina. Although they are fairly young, the two teens are popular in street wear culture. They printed 'PABLO' on articles of clothing similar to what was being sold in the pop-up shop, which was directly across the street from where they were making their knockoffs. 

Once Virgil and Heron found out about the bootlegs, they decided it was funny and took the gear from the teen designers to be sold in the actual pop-up shop. Austin has collaborated with Virgil and Heron in the past.

We can assume that the bootlegs were not sold for as much money as the originals, but if you were one of the people who waited in line for hours to purchase some TLOP gear, be sure to check those tags. 

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