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Let LANDR Master Your DJ Mixes

LANDR announces DJ specific algorithm, taking your mixes and sets to a professional level.

Have you ever noticed a difference between your recorded sets and mix compilations? Or maybe your favorite artist has a legendary studio mix that just sounds incredible? When comparing yours to theirs, it just seems so night and day. And that's even when using the same tracks. What you probably don't realize, is that the sets and mixes you aspire to emulate are most likely being professionally mastered. It's a strange concept, mastering a bunch of music that has already been mastered. The basic concept is to tighten up the transitions, and make everything sound as if it was meant to be together. 

Enter LANDR, the online and now downloadable cloud-based mastering service, who has just announced their new algorithm specifically for DJ sets and mixes. This is a big deal for anyone who wants to create a mixtape that is not only filled with the finest cuts, but also packs a professional sonic punch. The results are more subtle than mastering a raw track, as it's more of an overall feeling as opposed to making your track much louder and more dynamic. 

The LANDR dashboard.

The LANDR dashboard.

I remember when LANDR  was first announced, and I, along with many others, scoffed at the idea of uploading your track and having it professionally mastered. The concept was cool, but there was just no way an online service could produce the same results as someone with years and years of experience. And to some degree, we were right. It took a bit of time for LANDR to gain traction, as well as refining their cloud-based algorithm, but as someone who has used the service myself, I must say I am extremely impressed. I'm also not the only one to think that either. People from the likes of legendary rapper Nas, to Carl Craig, Tiga, Luciano, and now even Native Instruments are all avid fans. 

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In fact, Native Instruments has now partnered with LANDR, and will soon be offering Stems mastering. Personally, when someone like Native Instruments is backing you, I'd say you're doing it right. I'm actually really stoked for LANDR and it's founder Pascal Pilon. A crazy, almost laughable idea turned groundbreaking and widely used. The best part about this company, is that it's still fairly new. Their service is constantly improving, and it's not only extremely easy to use, but it's also very satisfying. Obviously nothing will replace the human touch, running things through high-end gear with a master at the controls, but that is a luxury most can't afford. Being able to offer instant results to the masses is a solid way to build a brand. 

To top everything off, LANDR is giving it's users two free months of access to the DJ Engine, allowing you to test drive the service first hand. Head to the LANDR website to get started.

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