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Listen to a Rare Unreleased David Bowie Track, 'To Be Love'

A David Bowie recording from early 1970s has surfaced, available to stream and download

Thanks to The Huffington Post we have been graced with a rare unreleased demo by David Bowie titled 'To Be Love'. Here is a portion of that piece to introduce the track:

David Bowie 1976 (photo by Jean-Luc Ourlin)

David Bowie 1976 (photo by Jean-Luc Ourlin)

In the fall of 1970, a young musician from London arrived in Los Angeles to work on demo tapes for what he and his manager hoped would be a recording contract with a major label. It was David Bowie’s first trip to the United States…As recording engineer at Roxbury Road Studios in the Hollywood Hills, de Strulle and his partners Tom Ayers and Aynsley Dunbar were in contact with an executive at United Artists who asked if they could host “a new talent from across the pond who was beginning to make a big stir.” Impressed by the quality of recordings produced at RR Studios, United Artists promised Bowie’s manager that his client would have privacy, first class treatment, and 24/7 access to the studio. De Strulle’s song ‘To Be Love’ was the first that Bowie recorded during that historic two-week trip.

The track is now streaming exclusively at MindBodyNetwork and you can listen to it here. All you loyal Bowie fans can be sure to grab the free download as well, and add this to the collection of great memories he left for us.

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