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Madeaux Charts His Top Tracks

These tracks are ruling modern dance music at the moment and Madeaux has his ear to the ground

Rising talent Madeaux stormed the scene with his debut on Fool's Gold Records back in September, and although released in the fall, New Wav was one of the most played releases on the label all year. He's still blossoming as an artist, but carrying on the momentum into this year he was named one of Billboard's Dance Artists to Watch in 2016 and he's showing all signs of continuing on his trajectory. 

As a youthful artist who is clearly on the cutting edge, we thought it best to ask him for his top tracks of the moment. He's about to play a massive gig for CONTROL at Avalon Hollywood with Pegboard Nerds, and if you're in the area, we highly recommend checking him out. Purchase Tickets Here

Madeaux delivers a diverse array of music featuring tracks by Evian Christ, Le1f, Sian and more. Dive into his selection below:

'High Caliber' - Madeaux x X&G

I have a lot of crazy records on the way, but I'm very glad we were able to drop this one early. Listen and hear for yourself.

'I Dont Wanna Look Like You' - DJ Flex feat. Dotorado

This is my first time listening to DJ Flex, but Dotorado hooked me the moment I heard African Scream in 2015. Melding the dembow grooves with trap synth textures is a winning formula, club fire.

'Waterfall' - Evian Christ

This is an old favorite I play out all the time to scare EDM fans. Leave the plur at the door, this record goes from pure aggression to yearning, tenuous euphoria, closing on a bone-rattling finale while maintaining this exotic midtempo cadence to keep those hips swingin.

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'No Excuses (Yung Gud VIP Remix)' - Jacques Greene

Straight up, I find it very unlikely anyone would listen to Yung Lean if it wasn't for Yung Gud. He's the true star, listen to this track, HUGE.

'Rage' - Le1f

I just saw Le1f perform this in Miami last weekend and it is insane live. Big up to Balam Acab for this production, the most soulless seapunk melded with warped, jagged sonics somewhat reminiscent of Sophie.

'Street Embryo' - Blank Body

Blank Body is one of my favorites in the game with his penchant for emotionally enchanting work and otherworldly textures/soundscapes. This record with its frayed percussion and night bus atmospheres sold me out the gate.

'Vast Obscurity' - Sian

Always a big fan of spacey, rolling techno, this one from Sian reminds me of some of my favorite work from Attaque. Why wait for 5 a.m.? I'd love to hear this at midnight.

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