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Magnetic Premiere: "Dust" - Kove [DrumandBassArena]

Kove's exclusive new release for DrumandBassArena is leaving everyone else for ...   dirt.

Watch out for debris today because Kove is exploding into your atmosphere with 'Dust'; one of the eleven tracks exclusively rendered for the Drum&BassArena 2016 compilation album.

J-Rock's track record is seriously built. Yes, his remix duties are on point ('Lost & Not Found, 'Love Me Again', 'Pony') but he's also the man behind 'Hurts' with Moko, 'Way We Are' featuring Melissa Steel...and don't start me frothing on the nothing short of glorious, 'Searching'. In all honesty, Kove's exclusive for this album could be crap and we'd still rate him...fortunately though, 'Dust' is an absolute winder. The buildup alone is off the hook, the chain and the richter all in one fell swoop. Check it...

Expertly curated without a lick of bias, Drum&BassArena 2016 is 3 CDs, 60 tracks, and home to many of the DnB faves such as Noisia, Calyx & Teebee and soon-to-be big hitters like Cartoon and Dawn Wall. Plus there's a bunch of new, previously unreleased exclusives on the line up from Noisia and Phace, Technimatic and the Upbeats. The compilation as a whole presents a little somethin' somethin' for everyone here and Kove's tune, my friends, is just the tip of the tastebud.

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Drum&BassArena 2016 is out March 11, 2016 and Kove's new EP 'Nightfires' drops mid-March.

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