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MF DOOM & Sade Make for a Brilliant Combination, Listen to the SADEVILLAIN Mixtape

An unlikely pairing makes for a unique new mixtape
mf doom sade sadevillain

MF DOOM, the highly prolific, notoriously late villainous rapper is making news today, but not by his own accord. Seanh2h11 has blessed us with what we’ve been craving since 'Doomsday'. That was my personal favourite track off his Operation Doomsday album back in 1999, featuring vocals from Sade's track 'Kiss of Love'. Now Seanh2h11 has crafted an 8 track EP with that same concept in mind. 

Highlighting great songs from both discographies, SADEVILLAIN is surprisingly a brilliant collection of tracks and is quite enjoyable all the way through. Mash up albums are usually hit or miss but this one definitely hits.

You can stream the mixtape below via DatPiff or download it here.

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[via: FACT]

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